Monday, October 10, 2011

Un bon week-end!

A picture from this weekend! Billy & me at Croxley's bar in Farmingdale, NY.

This weekend, I went down to LI for the second time and had a lot of fun. We had a pretty busy schedule - the annual town street fair and carnival were this weekend, so of course I blew a lot of money. :)

Thursday, we did Monster mini golf (for free, his friends work there!), where I happened to find a 20 on the ground, and then we got pizza (Rosemarie's, it was yum but expensive yet the $20 covered it) and the usual Thursday-night karaoke bar, but we didn't stay too long, I was ridiculously tired. But it was nice to see that group of friends again!

Friday, Billy worked all day and I hung around trying to make his cat, Einstein (though I only call him Albert), love me doing school work. Then, Billy took me out to a fancy-ish restaurant called 65 Fighter Group. Then we met up with his cousins at Croxleys (the above picture) and then another bar with another friends. I was pretty sloppy, but discovered a new fave drink: Sprite and Three Olives' Bubblegum Vodka. Do it.

Saturday, we spent allll afternoon at the Street Fair. I bought a fake Longchamp bag, which I put to use pretty much the second after I paid for it. I had my first Carnival cord dog, and later Billy and I split a fried Twinkie and a fried Snickers... good, yet I never have the need or even the desire to eat one again. We ran into a bunch of people he knew, of course, which was fun. Then Billy bought me a custom beaded name bracelet, pretty cute, and I bought these colored hair extension things.. yeah, I'm hip. We went home for a break and then drove back at night time to the Carnival, where Billius won me an adorable stuffed elephant who I've named Swirls. We also hit up the "Beer Tent" and met up with a bunch of friends, then headed to one of their houses for an after party, involving frigid temperatures, beer pong, chitchatting, and a game of kings.

Sunday, we met up with Aunt Rhoda for lunch at Panera, and then we went to this obscenely gigantic mall where I got depressed because all I really wanted was to buy ANYTHING from Bloomingdale's and get a Little Brown Bag, however, they had nothing under 8 billion dollars. But, I did buy a crapload of candy from Dylan's Candy Bar and got the most effing AMAZING perfume & lotion from Victoria's Secret. Afterwards, we got home to have dinner with his mom, dad, and grandma, which was really quite nice. I had my first beer brat (they're German) and German potato salad (yum!!). Then we met up with his friends/couple James & Amanda, and we went to the Beer tent/carnival again, where the boys won us little stuffed lions, and then we made our way to Applebee's for 1/2 price appetizers. Then we headed home and Billy and I sat in the hot tub for an hour before bed. :) PS - hot tub + cold weather = amazinggg.

Today/Monday, we slept in a bit, I got my stuff together and we went to lunch at Cascerino's, it was pretty good pizza. Then we got some ice cream before the train station and then I unfortunately had to leave =[. But smooth travels home.

And here I am with a buttload of reading to do and lesson plans to make and yeah. Bye.

xo Stace

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