Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Des Nouvelles


It's been a while. My life went from supremely boring to "Dear God, please give me 5 minutes to catch my breath."

So, things that have happened:

- I'm down 33.3 lbs since May 16.
- I've started a 5K running program for a 5K that I will be doing with Dana on Thanksgiving morning in NJ.
- I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. His name is Bill. I like him a lot. A lottt. He likes me just as much [hopefully haha... no he really does I swear]. He lives on Long Island, NY. 3 hours away - but we're willing to put the effort in and split the travelling. I like him. :)
- I spend way too much money on my nails.
- My cat is still supremely cute.
- School has started. It's still an obnoxious amount of work and I already feel behind and overwhelmed - but so far, I feel more confident in myself, especially with my French. I've been understanding better. Maybe I'm just trying harder. The prof who I thought hated me thanked me for asking her a question via e-mail that shaped her following lecture. My other class is weird but OK. My Independent Study is intimidating.  I'm teaching 2 classes, back-to-back.

I'm sure there's more, but that's the big stuff as of late.

the boyf! :)

xoxo Stace

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  1. Thanksgiving is coming!!! Are you READY!!!!????? You, me, 3.1 miles!!!!!