Monday, August 15, 2011

Un week-end fatigant

On Wednesday, I drove home to NJ for a 5-day weekend. I hadn't been home since mid-May, right before I moved into my new place, so it was good to come home for a bit to see everyone, catch up, and get out of   Connecticut for a few days.

Wednesday, after nursing my awful driving tan/sun burn, I caught up with my mom and relaxed at Marty's, and he brought me Kasha Varnishkes and a pastrami sandwich from Sarge's Deli in NYC. YUMMM.

Thursday, my mom and I had a busy day! We had appointments with the mechanic, the nail salon, the hair salon, and the doctor, starting at 9am and it lasting until nearly 6pm, with a ton of shopping in between everything! We went out to eat with Marty's kids and I painted Marissa's nails and toes. I did an awesome job if I do say so myself.

Friday, my mom and I went shopping AGAIN. I ended up getting a decent haul: 2 pairs of flats, flip flops, light sneakers, two pairs of super comfy yoga pants, and a bunch of tops. I also got the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, on the recommendation from my cousin! =] At night, I met up with Melanie and her bf Eddie, we didn't do anything really, but we hung out for about 6 hours and just talked and laughed and had sooo much fun!

Saturday, I baked up a storm of 2-point muffins, one batch zucchini and one batch banana. They were pretty good, I'm happy with them! I brought them to aforementioned cousin, Dana, where we spent the afternoon with her and her family, including the ever adorable Leah, whose mother claims is a brat but I always find just darling :). I also agreed to do a 5k on Thanksgiving morning, and I'll start training for it once school starts and I get my schedule all set!

Sunday, I planned to meet up with Stef and Cassie for dinner (Chinese!) then drive home. But it rained so bad, I ended up crashing at Stef's after we watched/sang like idiot's to Mamma Mia. :)

And, now I'm home after an awful drive. My cat is acting like I was gone for a year. If I so much as walk out of my bedroom, she meows like crazy!

I have to take a mini Master's exam next Thursday, and I needed to have read 3 giant French books on King Arthur... and I haven't read more than a page. I'm so screwed. So the next week or so will be devoted to trying to read/google as much as I can and then winging it.

And then school starts. Sigh.

xo Stace

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