Saturday, May 14, 2011

Des Nouveaux Commencements

1.) Tomorrow morning, I'm moving. It will be EXACTLY a year that I moved into this apartment.

I liked it here. Roomie was/is awesome, apartment was comfortable, not much and nothing important broke, and nobody really bothered us. Still, I'm excited to leave, and not just because our kitchen is being invaded by monstrous ants that won't friggen go away no matter what we do (although, that's a big reason). I need the change.

I'm moving about 12 miles away, to the other side of campus, into a room in a house occupied by its owner and one other tenant. I will be a teensy bit closer to campus, a lot closer to a main highway. My landlord is awesome, and I'll practically have the place to myself all summer and then some. Everything I need is included and the house is really nice. I have my own bathroom [to decorate!] !

I'm excited. But, moving sucks. Because I'm a neat and organized person, it doesn't seem like I have a lot of stuff, but when I have to get it all out and packed and everything is sitting in bags and boxes and suitcases in my bedroom, it's overwhelming. I just want to be at the point where everything is moved and put in its place again.. OCD at its finest.

Luckily, Thomas and Shawn and maybe Karim are going to help (definition: do all the work as I supervise) and do all of the heavy lifting. As for the little stuff, I have until May 25 to be completely done... though, knowing me, I'll strain myself to get every last thing moved tomorrow because I just want to be done.

2.) Also, for the first time in a long time, I'll be starting a strict...regime.. on Monday. It's a big deal - for me and especially for my mom. But, I'm going to try my hardest - if she's going to do this, I need to make it count.

3.) Boy is done.

4.) I'll be teaching a different level of French for three weeks this summer - I'm both nervous and excited. I'll also be teaching this course in the Fall... so this is going to be my trial run. As soon as I'm settled in my new place, I'll need to start preparing.

5.) This time next year, I'll have my Masters degree.. ew. Some major life choices need to be made pretty soon. Ew.

Since the semester ended (it felt like it was never going to), I haven't had any time to really relax. I cannot wait to sleep the eff in.

xo Stace

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