Friday, April 15, 2011

La râpe à fromage

I just noticed that the title of this post, for those who don't speak French or who have zero idea about French pronunciation, that it looks a little... inappropriate. I promise it's not.

"Une râpe à fromage" is not "a cheese rape," it means "cheese grater." I have always wanted a cheese grater because they look so fun, but never had a real reason to buy one (if you need shredded cheese, it's easier and cheaper to buy the bag of it). Well, I'm home sick with a paper to write...sooo what do I do? I get a hankering for zucchini bread. I Google a recipe, and see it calls for GRATED zucchini. Ecstatic, I throw a bra on under my PJs, clip my hair up, and run to Wal-Mart!

And now, my apartment smells like zucchini amazingness. It's cooling. I told myself that I'd write my paper while it bakes for 50 minutes.  ...yeahhh. That didn't happen. However, I have a second shot because the recipe makes two loaves.

2011-04-15 13.47.19.jpg

Recipe is here: Zucchini Bread (although, next time I make it, I'm going to swap out ingredients to make it healthier... 1/2 whole wheat flour, 1/2 applesauce instead of oil, less sugar, and maybe egg substitute or egg whites).

In other news, I'm moving again mid-May! Renting a room in a house, the owner is reallllly cool, and I have a very big room with my own bathroom and two beautiful closets. Any cousins who'd like to assist in the move-in/set-up/decoration process are welcome :).

Anyway... back to "work."

xo Stace


  1. I love to decorate! And maybe Ronnie can help move you!

  2. Ignoring the last part of your comment, the walls in the room are chocolate brown, i forget what the carpet is, but I'm thinking of going light blues and beiges :)