Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Il me manque.

I miss it when French was fun and interesting, and when I couldn't get enough of it.

When did it become stressful and annoying? When did I start getting sick of it, hating it...sucking at it?

When did it become less about learning the language and more about.. I don't even know?

Will it ever go back to being fun and easy?

I thought grad school was the right thing to do.

xo Stace

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C'est pas simple

I have this cousin, and she always wonders why my blog updates are so.. sporadic. Well, cousin, it's because I'm a nerdy, boring, slightly miserable grad student who has nothing fun to talk about.

I guess teaching is fun... when my students aren't brats, or when they don't cheat and then get pissed at me for calling them out on their blatant and obvious cheating. They're 18+ years old - I'm not a kindergarten teacher, but sometimes I feel like one.

I'm currently looking for a place to live, ASAP, and it's not easy nor fun. 

Hmm, what else. I love my cat, but her nails are painfully long and she goes to bite me when I try to clip them... the closest groomer is a solid 35 minutes away and she gets car sick...so now what? Other than that she's pretty adorable and only slightly annoying. And shed-y. But adorable.

Oh, I'll be in Jersey for a few days in May. 

Things with boy suck.

See, I have nothing to say. I don't have a cute 3-year old to talk about or post pictures of.


Blog again soon, and I hope not sporadically (Bonus points if you caught the Clueless reference).

xo Stace

PS - 8 months until my birthday. Start shopping, kthx.