Friday, January 7, 2011

Angoissant =]

Okay, okay, okay.

My semester got busy. Real busy, including full-blown mental breakdowns, a whole lot of "I can't do it"s "I can't speak French"es and "I'm dropping out"s.

But you know what? I did it. I didn't get the grades I wanted - I threw a tantrum that could serious rival a two year-old's. I got one grade that I truly didn't deserve - the entire class got that grade, and I seriously resent this professor for it. Grudge, prepare to be held for life.

And, even though I'm on Winter Break - I'm not. We have a written exam the day before classes start - it's doesn't affect my grade for it's class, but apparently we have to "pass" each century of French lit. So, my exam on the 17th century is coming up - lots of reading, studying, and more reading must be done before then. Ugh. However, classes for next semester seem more interesting. My teaching schedule has a lot to be desired - but I'll work through it. My students will be excited when I cancel Wednesdays and Fridays for inclimate weather - you can bet your butt that I'm not trekking to campus in the snow/ice/whatever else for 50 minutes of "This is a chalkboard" in French on a Friday morning.

Buttttttt, on a happy note, I'm currently in Erie, PA. Yes folks, Erie. I think I've mentioned it in past, maybe not as "Erie," probably as "middle-of-nowhere, PA" or "the land that steals boys and happiness."

:) Boy asked me to come visit. So, I made it happen, pillow pet in hand, a 12-hour train ride each way, spending 9-5 alone each day of the week while he works.. but it's worth it. 9 glorious days with him, and I'm happy. I think he's happy, too. And that makes me happier.

And, I like snow, but not east-coast snow. That snow is icy, gross, and..gross. Here? It's just a constant light flurry, no ice, and it's pretty! I could (and do) look out the window all day.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for 6pm-ish to roll around, so I can head over the basketball arena (where boy works) and watch the game tonight. I invited Evan (he's only 2 hours away), so maybe I'll get to see him, too.

What else? Jersey (the cat) is doing great, I miss her every second when I'm away. She's doing extremely well and we're totally obsessed with one another.

I bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii.. and it's SO much fun, and is a total workout. I was sore as a who- .. yeah.. the next day and I love it. I think I might try to do a little bit every day or maybe a lot a bit of it a few times a week. There's a workout mode on it, called "Just Sweat" - so this could be good! Also, one of the centers at UConn is doing a weight loss study and is looking for participants - I sent an e-mail for more information, and I'll check it out.

But yeah. Right now, things are good! =]

xo Stace

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