Sunday, January 23, 2011

Le gymnase

Soooo. I'm currently watching the Steelers eat the Jets alive ( :D!! ) and avoiding the TON of homework/reading I have to do.

On Thursday, I randomly (completely randomly) joined a gym. There's a small rinky-dink mall walking distance-ish from my apartment, which I never go into, but my bank is in there. I have direct deposit, so I haven't physically been to the bank since August, so when I walked into the mall and saw this gym, I was shocked. I went inside to check it out - and I fell in love. And I don't even mind the glass walls that show 100% to the mall passers-by. It's $20/month, 24hrs M-F, UNLIMITED TANNING (As boy pointed out, it's my Jersey roots) and tons of other fun perks. I've been twice so far and I really like it.

The best part of it is that it's not a new years resolution, it's not anybody pressuring me, or even me pressuring myself, into joining. I walked in, randomly saw it, showed some interest and ending up joining. Kind of like an impulse buy. I'm not super strict dieting and I'm OK with that. And, I'm paying for this gym, locked into it for a year - so I will feel obligated to go more, versus the campus gym which is always just.. there, full of my students and eh. IDK.. I'm excited about it. I didn't go over the weekend, but I'm hoping to go after class tomorrow. I even bought a nifty new lock for the locker room and a new, less clunky water bottle =].

Hmm, what else is new?

Also, Just Dance 2 is an amazing game.

And I love my schnookymookykittycat, but I don't love her seasonal coat all over everything I own.


xo Stace

Friday, January 7, 2011

Angoissant =]

Okay, okay, okay.

My semester got busy. Real busy, including full-blown mental breakdowns, a whole lot of "I can't do it"s "I can't speak French"es and "I'm dropping out"s.

But you know what? I did it. I didn't get the grades I wanted - I threw a tantrum that could serious rival a two year-old's. I got one grade that I truly didn't deserve - the entire class got that grade, and I seriously resent this professor for it. Grudge, prepare to be held for life.

And, even though I'm on Winter Break - I'm not. We have a written exam the day before classes start - it's doesn't affect my grade for it's class, but apparently we have to "pass" each century of French lit. So, my exam on the 17th century is coming up - lots of reading, studying, and more reading must be done before then. Ugh. However, classes for next semester seem more interesting. My teaching schedule has a lot to be desired - but I'll work through it. My students will be excited when I cancel Wednesdays and Fridays for inclimate weather - you can bet your butt that I'm not trekking to campus in the snow/ice/whatever else for 50 minutes of "This is a chalkboard" in French on a Friday morning.

Buttttttt, on a happy note, I'm currently in Erie, PA. Yes folks, Erie. I think I've mentioned it in past, maybe not as "Erie," probably as "middle-of-nowhere, PA" or "the land that steals boys and happiness."

:) Boy asked me to come visit. So, I made it happen, pillow pet in hand, a 12-hour train ride each way, spending 9-5 alone each day of the week while he works.. but it's worth it. 9 glorious days with him, and I'm happy. I think he's happy, too. And that makes me happier.

And, I like snow, but not east-coast snow. That snow is icy, gross, and..gross. Here? It's just a constant light flurry, no ice, and it's pretty! I could (and do) look out the window all day.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for 6pm-ish to roll around, so I can head over the basketball arena (where boy works) and watch the game tonight. I invited Evan (he's only 2 hours away), so maybe I'll get to see him, too.

What else? Jersey (the cat) is doing great, I miss her every second when I'm away. She's doing extremely well and we're totally obsessed with one another.

I bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii.. and it's SO much fun, and is a total workout. I was sore as a who- .. yeah.. the next day and I love it. I think I might try to do a little bit every day or maybe a lot a bit of it a few times a week. There's a workout mode on it, called "Just Sweat" - so this could be good! Also, one of the centers at UConn is doing a weight loss study and is looking for participants - I sent an e-mail for more information, and I'll check it out.

But yeah. Right now, things are good! =]

xo Stace