Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Les filles!


So, it's been a while, and for a bit, my blog was a place to get more entries in to nail polish giveaways (none of which I won, sadface).

Update on life? OK.

- Billy and I have now been dating over 3 months, and it's going great!! We're super happy.
- School blows. I'm one paper and 9 exams to be graded away from being done for the semester. The paper is due Friday, and I'll probably grade those exams by then, too. I can't wait for it to be done.
- Positive thing about school this year: the new girls in the program are great! I have made some serious friends, and I couldn't be happier about it. Pictures!

Elizabeth, Anabella, Lara, et moi (just last night!)

Anabella, Lara, et moi (a month or so back)

There's also Brittany, but I don't have any pics with her! =[. Soon! We have a humungo girl's night planned in January, so we'll def take pics then!

- Jersey is doing great :)
- I have 150+ of nail polish. It's a disease, I think.
- Christmas is coming, and I hope to see everyone in NJ I don't get to see anymore.
- I'm graduating in May. Which means I need a resumé. And a job. And. Ew. Grown-up life.

Not much else is going on. Just trying to get by!

xo Stace

Monday, October 10, 2011

Un bon week-end!

A picture from this weekend! Billy & me at Croxley's bar in Farmingdale, NY.

This weekend, I went down to LI for the second time and had a lot of fun. We had a pretty busy schedule - the annual town street fair and carnival were this weekend, so of course I blew a lot of money. :)

Thursday, we did Monster mini golf (for free, his friends work there!), where I happened to find a 20 on the ground, and then we got pizza (Rosemarie's, it was yum but expensive yet the $20 covered it) and the usual Thursday-night karaoke bar, but we didn't stay too long, I was ridiculously tired. But it was nice to see that group of friends again!

Friday, Billy worked all day and I hung around trying to make his cat, Einstein (though I only call him Albert), love me doing school work. Then, Billy took me out to a fancy-ish restaurant called 65 Fighter Group. Then we met up with his cousins at Croxleys (the above picture) and then another bar with another friends. I was pretty sloppy, but discovered a new fave drink: Sprite and Three Olives' Bubblegum Vodka. Do it.

Saturday, we spent allll afternoon at the Street Fair. I bought a fake Longchamp bag, which I put to use pretty much the second after I paid for it. I had my first Carnival cord dog, and later Billy and I split a fried Twinkie and a fried Snickers... good, yet I never have the need or even the desire to eat one again. We ran into a bunch of people he knew, of course, which was fun. Then Billy bought me a custom beaded name bracelet, pretty cute, and I bought these colored hair extension things.. yeah, I'm hip. We went home for a break and then drove back at night time to the Carnival, where Billius won me an adorable stuffed elephant who I've named Swirls. We also hit up the "Beer Tent" and met up with a bunch of friends, then headed to one of their houses for an after party, involving frigid temperatures, beer pong, chitchatting, and a game of kings.

Sunday, we met up with Aunt Rhoda for lunch at Panera, and then we went to this obscenely gigantic mall where I got depressed because all I really wanted was to buy ANYTHING from Bloomingdale's and get a Little Brown Bag, however, they had nothing under 8 billion dollars. But, I did buy a crapload of candy from Dylan's Candy Bar and got the most effing AMAZING perfume & lotion from Victoria's Secret. Afterwards, we got home to have dinner with his mom, dad, and grandma, which was really quite nice. I had my first beer brat (they're German) and German potato salad (yum!!). Then we met up with his friends/couple James & Amanda, and we went to the Beer tent/carnival again, where the boys won us little stuffed lions, and then we made our way to Applebee's for 1/2 price appetizers. Then we headed home and Billy and I sat in the hot tub for an hour before bed. :) PS - hot tub + cold weather = amazinggg.

Today/Monday, we slept in a bit, I got my stuff together and we went to lunch at Cascerino's, it was pretty good pizza. Then we got some ice cream before the train station and then I unfortunately had to leave =[. But smooth travels home.

And here I am with a buttload of reading to do and lesson plans to make and yeah. Bye.

xo Stace

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Des Nouvelles


It's been a while. My life went from supremely boring to "Dear God, please give me 5 minutes to catch my breath."

So, things that have happened:

- I'm down 33.3 lbs since May 16.
- I've started a 5K running program for a 5K that I will be doing with Dana on Thanksgiving morning in NJ.
- I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. His name is Bill. I like him a lot. A lottt. He likes me just as much [hopefully haha... no he really does I swear]. He lives on Long Island, NY. 3 hours away - but we're willing to put the effort in and split the travelling. I like him. :)
- I spend way too much money on my nails.
- My cat is still supremely cute.
- School has started. It's still an obnoxious amount of work and I already feel behind and overwhelmed - but so far, I feel more confident in myself, especially with my French. I've been understanding better. Maybe I'm just trying harder. The prof who I thought hated me thanked me for asking her a question via e-mail that shaped her following lecture. My other class is weird but OK. My Independent Study is intimidating.  I'm teaching 2 classes, back-to-back.

I'm sure there's more, but that's the big stuff as of late.

the boyf! :)

xoxo Stace

Monday, August 15, 2011

Un week-end fatigant

On Wednesday, I drove home to NJ for a 5-day weekend. I hadn't been home since mid-May, right before I moved into my new place, so it was good to come home for a bit to see everyone, catch up, and get out of   Connecticut for a few days.

Wednesday, after nursing my awful driving tan/sun burn, I caught up with my mom and relaxed at Marty's, and he brought me Kasha Varnishkes and a pastrami sandwich from Sarge's Deli in NYC. YUMMM.

Thursday, my mom and I had a busy day! We had appointments with the mechanic, the nail salon, the hair salon, and the doctor, starting at 9am and it lasting until nearly 6pm, with a ton of shopping in between everything! We went out to eat with Marty's kids and I painted Marissa's nails and toes. I did an awesome job if I do say so myself.

Friday, my mom and I went shopping AGAIN. I ended up getting a decent haul: 2 pairs of flats, flip flops, light sneakers, two pairs of super comfy yoga pants, and a bunch of tops. I also got the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy, on the recommendation from my cousin! =] At night, I met up with Melanie and her bf Eddie, we didn't do anything really, but we hung out for about 6 hours and just talked and laughed and had sooo much fun!

Saturday, I baked up a storm of 2-point muffins, one batch zucchini and one batch banana. They were pretty good, I'm happy with them! I brought them to aforementioned cousin, Dana, where we spent the afternoon with her and her family, including the ever adorable Leah, whose mother claims is a brat but I always find just darling :). I also agreed to do a 5k on Thanksgiving morning, and I'll start training for it once school starts and I get my schedule all set!

Sunday, I planned to meet up with Stef and Cassie for dinner (Chinese!) then drive home. But it rained so bad, I ended up crashing at Stef's after we watched/sang like idiot's to Mamma Mia. :)

And, now I'm home after an awful drive. My cat is acting like I was gone for a year. If I so much as walk out of my bedroom, she meows like crazy!

I have to take a mini Master's exam next Thursday, and I needed to have read 3 giant French books on King Arthur... and I haven't read more than a page. I'm so screwed. So the next week or so will be devoted to trying to read/google as much as I can and then winging it.

And then school starts. Sigh.

xo Stace

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Et maintenant...

And now, since HP is over forever [read: DESPAIR!], all I do now is spend ridiculous amounts of money on nail polish and paint my nails.

Boys are eh!

School starts in about a month, part of me is excited to have something to do, excited to teach again.. but, eh. School. Again.

Okay. I'm going to go paint my nails. :)

xo Stace

Monday, July 11, 2011

Ma Vie

What's going on in my life recently, you ask?


Yep. Potter.

Call me a nerd, I don't care!


xo Stace

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Des Nouveaux Commencements

1.) Tomorrow morning, I'm moving. It will be EXACTLY a year that I moved into this apartment.

I liked it here. Roomie was/is awesome, apartment was comfortable, not much and nothing important broke, and nobody really bothered us. Still, I'm excited to leave, and not just because our kitchen is being invaded by monstrous ants that won't friggen go away no matter what we do (although, that's a big reason). I need the change.

I'm moving about 12 miles away, to the other side of campus, into a room in a house occupied by its owner and one other tenant. I will be a teensy bit closer to campus, a lot closer to a main highway. My landlord is awesome, and I'll practically have the place to myself all summer and then some. Everything I need is included and the house is really nice. I have my own bathroom [to decorate!] !

I'm excited. But, moving sucks. Because I'm a neat and organized person, it doesn't seem like I have a lot of stuff, but when I have to get it all out and packed and everything is sitting in bags and boxes and suitcases in my bedroom, it's overwhelming. I just want to be at the point where everything is moved and put in its place again.. OCD at its finest.

Luckily, Thomas and Shawn and maybe Karim are going to help (definition: do all the work as I supervise) and do all of the heavy lifting. As for the little stuff, I have until May 25 to be completely done... though, knowing me, I'll strain myself to get every last thing moved tomorrow because I just want to be done.

2.) Also, for the first time in a long time, I'll be starting a strict...regime.. on Monday. It's a big deal - for me and especially for my mom. But, I'm going to try my hardest - if she's going to do this, I need to make it count.

3.) Boy is done.

4.) I'll be teaching a different level of French for three weeks this summer - I'm both nervous and excited. I'll also be teaching this course in the Fall... so this is going to be my trial run. As soon as I'm settled in my new place, I'll need to start preparing.

5.) This time next year, I'll have my Masters degree.. ew. Some major life choices need to be made pretty soon. Ew.

Since the semester ended (it felt like it was never going to), I haven't had any time to really relax. I cannot wait to sleep the eff in.

xo Stace

Friday, April 15, 2011

La râpe à fromage

I just noticed that the title of this post, for those who don't speak French or who have zero idea about French pronunciation, that it looks a little... inappropriate. I promise it's not.

"Une râpe à fromage" is not "a cheese rape," it means "cheese grater." I have always wanted a cheese grater because they look so fun, but never had a real reason to buy one (if you need shredded cheese, it's easier and cheaper to buy the bag of it). Well, I'm home sick with a paper to write...sooo what do I do? I get a hankering for zucchini bread. I Google a recipe, and see it calls for GRATED zucchini. Ecstatic, I throw a bra on under my PJs, clip my hair up, and run to Wal-Mart!

And now, my apartment smells like zucchini amazingness. It's cooling. I told myself that I'd write my paper while it bakes for 50 minutes.  ...yeahhh. That didn't happen. However, I have a second shot because the recipe makes two loaves.

2011-04-15 13.47.19.jpg

Recipe is here: Zucchini Bread (although, next time I make it, I'm going to swap out ingredients to make it healthier... 1/2 whole wheat flour, 1/2 applesauce instead of oil, less sugar, and maybe egg substitute or egg whites).

In other news, I'm moving again mid-May! Renting a room in a house, the owner is reallllly cool, and I have a very big room with my own bathroom and two beautiful closets. Any cousins who'd like to assist in the move-in/set-up/decoration process are welcome :).

Anyway... back to "work."

xo Stace

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Il me manque.

I miss it when French was fun and interesting, and when I couldn't get enough of it.

When did it become stressful and annoying? When did I start getting sick of it, hating it...sucking at it?

When did it become less about learning the language and more about.. I don't even know?

Will it ever go back to being fun and easy?

I thought grad school was the right thing to do.

xo Stace

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

C'est pas simple

I have this cousin, and she always wonders why my blog updates are so.. sporadic. Well, cousin, it's because I'm a nerdy, boring, slightly miserable grad student who has nothing fun to talk about.

I guess teaching is fun... when my students aren't brats, or when they don't cheat and then get pissed at me for calling them out on their blatant and obvious cheating. They're 18+ years old - I'm not a kindergarten teacher, but sometimes I feel like one.

I'm currently looking for a place to live, ASAP, and it's not easy nor fun. 

Hmm, what else. I love my cat, but her nails are painfully long and she goes to bite me when I try to clip them... the closest groomer is a solid 35 minutes away and she gets car now what? Other than that she's pretty adorable and only slightly annoying. And shed-y. But adorable.

Oh, I'll be in Jersey for a few days in May. 

Things with boy suck.

See, I have nothing to say. I don't have a cute 3-year old to talk about or post pictures of.


Blog again soon, and I hope not sporadically (Bonus points if you caught the Clueless reference).

xo Stace

PS - 8 months until my birthday. Start shopping, kthx.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Complètement Délicieux!

So, here's a little story:

Willimantic, the town I live in here in CT, has it's ghetto parts. But it's also a quite charming little "city" - it has a main street, local shops and eateries, and a very - community - feel. They have two symbols - frogs and spools of thread (yeah, IDK). On YouTube, there's a Willimantic Official Song.

On Valentine's day weekend, they had their annual Chocolate Festival, including the "Chocolate Stroll" where you walk up and down Main Street and go into every shop and get some sort of chocolate - some places had homemade Whoopi pies, some places made cookies, and some places just had Hershey Kisses. Some places did their chocolate theme based on the type of establishment - Cafémantic (best café ever), did speciality coffee. The place where they give you lessons on making your own beer and wine had chocolate beer. It was a very cute day.

Willimantic also has it's own local Food Co-Op, a place I'd never been to. They have live music all the time, they sell local produce. It's actually kind of too tree-huggery and expensive, so I never really had much interest. During the Chocolate Festival, they were celebrating their birthday. They had locals bake cakes and then they gave out pieces of said cake for free. I was insanely stuffed by this point, but one cake was really pretty, so I asked for the teensiest sliver possible (it was still a huge piece). I took one bite, and my eyes lit up: I found the cake that will be my wedding cake if I ever find a boy who doesn't suck. I asked the not-so-bright cake cutter (volunteer) if she had the recipe, and what was it called. She told me it was Pistachio Rosewater but she didn't have the recipe. I sulked, and made my friends try this cake. They agreed on it's amazingness, but weren't that excited about it. I walked past a cash register to ask for a garbage can for my plate, and chatted with the cashier. She told me that a woman in a red bandana made the cake, and was floating around somewhere. I told my friends BRB and stalked down this lady and begged her for the recipe.

She told me it was from a cookbook called Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, and that she just adapted it to cake form. I wrote down the title (like I'd forget it) and thanked her a million times.

I finally found the book, and a Whole Foods that would carry all the soy/vegan ingredients I'm not familiar with, and also rosewater. I bought everything on Sunday. I made them tonight (Monday).

OMG. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SUCCESS! Now I just need a boy and we're all good for a wedding.

And the other cupcakes in the book look amazing. I bought stuff for Green Tea cupcakes, and the Peanut Butter ones will follow. S'mores, Cookies n Cream, Pineapple Right Side Up and Mint Chip are also on the list.

Tip: If you can find the pistachios already shelled and/or chopped, get those. And tell me where you got them.

PS: First time ever piping icing, so no pink-poop comments, please.

PPS: I might have a 3 year old to-be who's getting these for her birthday.

xo Stace

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Le gymnase

Soooo. I'm currently watching the Steelers eat the Jets alive ( :D!! ) and avoiding the TON of homework/reading I have to do.

On Thursday, I randomly (completely randomly) joined a gym. There's a small rinky-dink mall walking distance-ish from my apartment, which I never go into, but my bank is in there. I have direct deposit, so I haven't physically been to the bank since August, so when I walked into the mall and saw this gym, I was shocked. I went inside to check it out - and I fell in love. And I don't even mind the glass walls that show 100% to the mall passers-by. It's $20/month, 24hrs M-F, UNLIMITED TANNING (As boy pointed out, it's my Jersey roots) and tons of other fun perks. I've been twice so far and I really like it.

The best part of it is that it's not a new years resolution, it's not anybody pressuring me, or even me pressuring myself, into joining. I walked in, randomly saw it, showed some interest and ending up joining. Kind of like an impulse buy. I'm not super strict dieting and I'm OK with that. And, I'm paying for this gym, locked into it for a year - so I will feel obligated to go more, versus the campus gym which is always just.. there, full of my students and eh. IDK.. I'm excited about it. I didn't go over the weekend, but I'm hoping to go after class tomorrow. I even bought a nifty new lock for the locker room and a new, less clunky water bottle =].

Hmm, what else is new?

Also, Just Dance 2 is an amazing game.

And I love my schnookymookykittycat, but I don't love her seasonal coat all over everything I own.


xo Stace

Friday, January 7, 2011

Angoissant =]

Okay, okay, okay.

My semester got busy. Real busy, including full-blown mental breakdowns, a whole lot of "I can't do it"s "I can't speak French"es and "I'm dropping out"s.

But you know what? I did it. I didn't get the grades I wanted - I threw a tantrum that could serious rival a two year-old's. I got one grade that I truly didn't deserve - the entire class got that grade, and I seriously resent this professor for it. Grudge, prepare to be held for life.

And, even though I'm on Winter Break - I'm not. We have a written exam the day before classes start - it's doesn't affect my grade for it's class, but apparently we have to "pass" each century of French lit. So, my exam on the 17th century is coming up - lots of reading, studying, and more reading must be done before then. Ugh. However, classes for next semester seem more interesting. My teaching schedule has a lot to be desired - but I'll work through it. My students will be excited when I cancel Wednesdays and Fridays for inclimate weather - you can bet your butt that I'm not trekking to campus in the snow/ice/whatever else for 50 minutes of "This is a chalkboard" in French on a Friday morning.

Buttttttt, on a happy note, I'm currently in Erie, PA. Yes folks, Erie. I think I've mentioned it in past, maybe not as "Erie," probably as "middle-of-nowhere, PA" or "the land that steals boys and happiness."

:) Boy asked me to come visit. So, I made it happen, pillow pet in hand, a 12-hour train ride each way, spending 9-5 alone each day of the week while he works.. but it's worth it. 9 glorious days with him, and I'm happy. I think he's happy, too. And that makes me happier.

And, I like snow, but not east-coast snow. That snow is icy, gross, and..gross. Here? It's just a constant light flurry, no ice, and it's pretty! I could (and do) look out the window all day.

I'm currently sitting in a Starbucks, waiting for 6pm-ish to roll around, so I can head over the basketball arena (where boy works) and watch the game tonight. I invited Evan (he's only 2 hours away), so maybe I'll get to see him, too.

What else? Jersey (the cat) is doing great, I miss her every second when I'm away. She's doing extremely well and we're totally obsessed with one another.

I bought Just Dance 2 for the Wii.. and it's SO much fun, and is a total workout. I was sore as a who- .. yeah.. the next day and I love it. I think I might try to do a little bit every day or maybe a lot a bit of it a few times a week. There's a workout mode on it, called "Just Sweat" - so this could be good! Also, one of the centers at UConn is doing a weight loss study and is looking for participants - I sent an e-mail for more information, and I'll check it out.

But yeah. Right now, things are good! =]

xo Stace