Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Il m'a quitté

I went a while with Internet, and then was super busy, so that's my excuse for lack of blogging.

This weekend was nuts. I spend Thursday night through Saturday morning with boy. We packed, we cleaned, we lifted. We got everything into the truck. We had the worst goodbye EVER, we had better goodbyes when we'd see each other the next day. I'll never see him again, probably. To answer D's question in my comments of the last post - he's moved 8+ hours away. He's not coming back to CT next year. I'm stuck in CT for another 1.5 years.. plenty of time for him to forget about me.

After I said goodbye, I drove to NJ. I spent the weekend with Stef, her dad and us went to the Bears@Giants game on Sunday. Giants won, woot woot! Stef and her dad are HUGE Bears fans and we always talked about how we had to go to the next Bears/Giants game together - and we made it happen! The new stadium is GORGEOUS.

We had fun. I got to see my mom for 45 minutes, so that was nice, too! I got home Monday afternoon, cuddled with my kitty, and did some HW.

SO MUCH HW. Which I'm currently avoiding by blogging.

Off to tackle some. <3

xo Stace

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  1. He won't forget about you. And if he does, then it's not meant to be. You're unforgettable. In a good way. Don't forget that.