Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Bon Halloween"

As promised, post-Halloween party update. With pictures!

I went as an 80s girl. I did it a few years ago, very similar costume but I think it turned out muuuch better. And it was pretty easy, and not crazy expensive. Oversized Walmart sweatshirt, leggings, ribbed tank top, tacky earrings, scruncis, and awful makeup. And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Apply, mix, and voilà!

Add some alcohol and dancing and you will get many pictures.. some really epic, but mostly embarrassing.

Example of tag yourself immediately/make profile picture (usually 1 out of 100 pictures):


Examples of an epic, print-out-and-frame picture:

Examples of embarrassing, alcohol-influenced, untag-yourself-immediately picture:


And then you have the token 'friendship pictures":



And then theres a ton of cool pictures you aren't in but don't make the blog because you're not in them :)

Another Halloween party tonight, with about 1/2 of the same people - at a professor's house. Should be interesting :)

xo Stace

PS - My cupcakes were a HIT

Update: Party at professor's house was expected to be fun, but was a total bust. It was SOOOOO awkward!!!!!


  1. No post since Halloween?!?!??!?! What is going on !!!!! Post immediately!!!

  2. I love the guy who's dressed up as the Joker...Pretty amazing dude