Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Bon Halloween"

As promised, post-Halloween party update. With pictures!

I went as an 80s girl. I did it a few years ago, very similar costume but I think it turned out muuuch better. And it was pretty easy, and not crazy expensive. Oversized Walmart sweatshirt, leggings, ribbed tank top, tacky earrings, scruncis, and awful makeup. And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Apply, mix, and voilà!

Add some alcohol and dancing and you will get many pictures.. some really epic, but mostly embarrassing.

Example of tag yourself immediately/make profile picture (usually 1 out of 100 pictures):


Examples of an epic, print-out-and-frame picture:

Examples of embarrassing, alcohol-influenced, untag-yourself-immediately picture:


And then you have the token 'friendship pictures":



And then theres a ton of cool pictures you aren't in but don't make the blog because you're not in them :)

Another Halloween party tonight, with about 1/2 of the same people - at a professor's house. Should be interesting :)

xo Stace

PS - My cupcakes were a HIT

Update: Party at professor's house was expected to be fun, but was a total bust. It was SOOOOO awkward!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bombe de Voiture Irlandaise

So, I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow night (details after). It's supposed to be this big deal with a ton of people going. I was asked/ I offered to bring something, and I wasn't sure..but then I came across the recipe. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. I myself have never had an Irish Car Bomb drink, but I hear it's great, tastes like a milkshake. It's a pint of Guinness, with a shot of Bailey's and Jameson in it.

So I keep hearing all over the place that these cupcakes are ridiculously AMAZING. And, on Halloween with a bunch of language nerds and foreigners, what's better than alcoholic cupcakes? Nothing, I say! The best part? Half of the alcohol is in the icing, so it doesn't evaporate during the cooking process.

So, of course, I photo-documented the experience.

Recipe was from here: Irish Car Bomb Cupcake Recipe

I usually make cookies from scratch, but I've never made cupcakes from scratch. I've also never worked with cocoa before. Or beer. So I was a little wary, but it turned out okay. The batter was the perfect consistency at first, but while it sat out while the first tray was cooking, it thickened up. And, let me tell you, you could so taste the 1 cup of Guinness in there!

Then they baked :)

I've never made my own icing. I bought some Pilsbury juuust in case. I didn't know butter cream was just a stick of butter and some confectioner's sugar beat to a pulp. I thought there'd be some cream. Nope! Easy! Fun! Going to make all of my own icing now!

And then you ice them!

And then you try really hard only to taste one, not all 24, because you promised to bring them to a party.

And boy, they're amazing. Two or three of these babies and you'll be borderline sloppy!

:) I'll let you know how everyone likes them!!

Make them!!!!

xo Stace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La vie n'est pas belle maintenant..

I haven't posted in a while.. and eh. Things haven't been going well here.

Teaching is awesome... school SUCKS. A lot. For beaucoup reasons. That I won't list here, because that's not nice.

And some personal-ish stuff is going on too. Friends, boys, life. Blows.

My cat is good though. Except she's making some weird noise and I'm worried, I may end up taking her to the vet if she doesn't stop soon. I think she may have eaten some Neosporin....idk though.

I miss Jersey (the state), though I never thought I'd say that or admit it.

And I'm reallyyy going to miss Jersey while I'm in Jersey. Camille is going to watch her for a few days while I'm home.

Maybe I'll edit this post later and make it more...significant and worth reading. I'm just out of steam right now.

xo Stace

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Je l'ai renconté :)

So, I've been debating writing something on my blog about what's been going on. I still haven't decided. I mean, Dana is really the only one who reads this, and she knows (I texted you during it :) ) and so I think it's OK to omit it from the blog. You can always ask me... I'll tell you in a private conversation but I don't want to publicize it on a blog. But what you need to know is that I think it's a good thing, I'm really exciting for it to continue and yeah. So we'll see. The more it develops, the more I'll probably talk about it on here.

I'm at school now, another 1.5hrs to waste before class. I dread this class every week. I don't understand what's going on, I sit there like a zombie and stare at my blank notebook, or I sit there and consider the different ways my classmates hold their pens... yeah. That's what it's like.

Then I have ANOTHER 3 hours of class, where I'm the assistant, and I just click the powerpoint slides when he tells me to. That's my function. I'm so unnecessary it's not even funny.

But other than that, all is pretty well. I still like teaching, despite one student who is giving me a hard time and testing my patience and professionalism. Friends and fam are good, both here and home. Jersey is good, she's super snuggly and I love her.

Miranda's have a huuuge Halloween party, I'm really excited. I know what I want to be but "plus sized" costumes aren't really plus sized, so I'm having some issues finding my "pièce de résistance" for my ensemble. I'll work it out though. I have some backup ideas, juuust in case. =]


xo Stace

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Il m'a quitté

I went a while with Internet, and then was super busy, so that's my excuse for lack of blogging.

This weekend was nuts. I spend Thursday night through Saturday morning with boy. We packed, we cleaned, we lifted. We got everything into the truck. We had the worst goodbye EVER, we had better goodbyes when we'd see each other the next day. I'll never see him again, probably. To answer D's question in my comments of the last post - he's moved 8+ hours away. He's not coming back to CT next year. I'm stuck in CT for another 1.5 years.. plenty of time for him to forget about me.

After I said goodbye, I drove to NJ. I spent the weekend with Stef, her dad and us went to the Bears@Giants game on Sunday. Giants won, woot woot! Stef and her dad are HUGE Bears fans and we always talked about how we had to go to the next Bears/Giants game together - and we made it happen! The new stadium is GORGEOUS.

We had fun. I got to see my mom for 45 minutes, so that was nice, too! I got home Monday afternoon, cuddled with my kitty, and did some HW.

SO MUCH HW. Which I'm currently avoiding by blogging.

Off to tackle some. <3

xo Stace