Saturday, September 11, 2010

Un chat!


So, if one is ultimately sad one night, and the next day, very excited, what does that mean? Am I balanced out now? Idk.

Sad news first. Boy is moving. Far, far away. I'm going to try and not cry as I write this, but it's going to be hard. I have waited the entire summer for him, he was busy and working and too much was going on for us to be officially "together." I got it. I understood. I waited, maybe not so patiently.. Finally, September came and the season ended. We immediately started spending more time together. It's been amazing <3. But, his job laid him off until April.. and well, he needs to move to where there's a job. And that's not here. Who knows what will happen.. but it's very likely that he'll be moving 8+ hours away. Too far. I could not be literal enough when I say I literally felt pain in my heart when he told me. I tried to be strong and not cry in front of him. I understand why he has to move. I just hate it. I don't want him to go. He's my rock to my not-so-rare freak-outs. He was here before school friends were made. And.. once he leaves, I'm going to feel very alone, despite my roommate and new friends. It's different. It sucks. Last night was rough.

There's even more heartbreaking elements to it, but that aren't suitable for a blog post, or anyone other than bffs or close cousins or a diary.

Better news: I went to the animal shelter today with Isis (a new school friend.. she's awesome!). We fell in love with kitties!! I applied for a gorgeous, 10-yr-old cat named Gwen. She's so friendly and affectionate and just ADORABLE. I'm so excited, and so is roomie! She just arrived at the shelter a few days ago, so once she goes to the vet for routine testing, hopefully coming out all healthy, gets a rabies shot, she's mine. If all goes well, she'll be mine by the end of the week! How exciting!! Isis also adopted a cat, but she won't have hers for at least a week or two, because she needs to be spayed.

Maybe it's not a dog, but I'm finally getting a pet. And I'll probably blog about her and our adventures together. And video chat with people and wave her paw hello and goodbye. And maybe, just maybe, Gwen (potentially being renamed, any suggestions? Olivia? Ophelia? Jersey?) will help fill a small part of the huge void that boy will leave me with when he's gone. She'll never replace him, but maybe she'll help me not feel alone in the world. We'll have each other.

And as my best friend and my cousin have mentioned.. this is probably the start of being a crazy cat lady. I hope not. Someone promptly let me know if it ever seems that way. Kthx.

In other news... grad school is still really hard. A lot of work. Too much reading. Too long of days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays seem NEVER ending and Thursday nights when I crawl into bed at 9:45pm, I couldn't be happier to be in BED. I feel like old. And tired. And blah.

Alright, updates later... hopefully happier ones.

xo Stace

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