Monday, September 20, 2010

Quoi de neuf?

Just a few quick things.

1: I think I get my cat in a few days. WHO'S EXCITED. She's doing much better. Did I go into details about her on the blog? Idk if I did...but she was in a lot of pain from her tooth extractions and the shelter felt it was best to wait some more time before I took her home. I went to visit her both Saturday and Sunday, and the one day made such a difference... Sunday she was doing great and back to her normal self. I'm thinking I'll have her by Wednesday... hope so!

2: New blog! It's half an assignment...half something I really like the idea of. It's a teaching journal. Since it's an assignment... I'm being pretty strict about talking only about teaching, not being too witty or informal... and keeping it pretty boring. But after the assignment's over.. I'd like to share links and ideas and materials and it could be ridiculous amounts of fun. :) My Teaching Journal  .. if you're interested. Feel free to comment.

3: Things between boy and I have been pretty good the past week... but it's weird. It's like some higher power is building up our relationship right before it "ends" (ie. he moves). I can't help but think, the higher it's built up...the longer I'll fall in the end. But for right now, I'm enjoying the goodness between us. He's at the moment driving back to CT from his job interview in PA... If I didn't have to teach in 13 hours, I'd so be there waiting for him.

4: I changed the mp3 player to the left. It doesn't play once you come onto the page anymore... now you click a song in the playlist (which I've totally changed btw) and it starts the list from there.

That's all for now really. There's going to be an epic, picture-filled blog post soon, after I get my kittyshmittymeowmeow, poopsiesmooshkins.


xo Stace


  1. Just caught up on your blog. I didn't know I missed so many updates!! I can't wait for Cat to become a fixture on the blog and hope it's not too painful when Boy leaves.

    I hope you know: Cousin is always here!

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were making fun of me.