Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mon chat!!!

FINALLY, I got to bring Jersey home. She's my cat. =D. She's 10, a DSH tortoiseshell. She's crazy cuddly and very docile.

She's amazing and perfect, besides the fact that she meows weird and hasn't gone to the bathroom yet.. and I've had her almost 36 hours.

I really don't know what I'm doing! Nobody in my immediately family is a cat person, my mom's allergic, and yeah. Never had a cat. So, my lovely cousin, Dana, has been answering my weird, random, "is this normal for a cat to..." questions. What a good sport. =]

My cat sleeps so CUTE. BRB taking a picture.

K. She naps on the corner of my bed nearest to my computer while I'm doing homework, blogging, and fbooking.  She also sheds A LOT.

My mom sent us a care package, with kitty treats, Stacey treats, some kitty toys and some Paris stuffs =] Thanks mama!!

We're still getting used to each other. She gets along well with my roommate, which is awesome. She kinda plays with toys and is always hungry. She sleeps a lot. My kind of cat.

Sad news, I'm kind of sick. Blah. At first I was worried I was allergic to Jersey.. but it can't be. I never sniffled once all those times I went to the shelter (and I was there for a solid 45 mins each time), and I spend about 6 hours each day at school, and I've been getting worse even when I'm there, away from her. It can't be it. Plus.. I'm sniffly and stuffy and mom gets itchy the second she is near a cat or in someone's house who has a cat, regardless if the cat is around. I'm not itchy at all.

Boy leaves Oct 2 or 3. One week. He's not around this weekend, either. So I'll prob never see him again. Ever.  Trying not to think about it...seems farther away than it really is.

Happy note... my cat's cute.

xo Stace

PS - One month until D's birthday, 2 til mine. =D


  1. about the allergies... u might not get itchy like ur mom and just because ur at school u still have cat hair on u so u really could have allergies. i dont mean to bring down ur spirits but u really need to get that checked out!! u dont want to get really sick because of the cat and its not fair to her either. hopefully its just a cold but def get it checked!!!

  2. I am NOT excited for my birthday, because I don't like getting older. The number hurts to hear!

    Two, I am sick too! Our entire household is sniffly. It's the worst! I hope you feel better soon...and I'm so sorry about BOY! Why do you think you'll never see him again? Won't be back next year?