Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mon chat!!!

FINALLY, I got to bring Jersey home. She's my cat. =D. She's 10, a DSH tortoiseshell. She's crazy cuddly and very docile.

She's amazing and perfect, besides the fact that she meows weird and hasn't gone to the bathroom yet.. and I've had her almost 36 hours.

I really don't know what I'm doing! Nobody in my immediately family is a cat person, my mom's allergic, and yeah. Never had a cat. So, my lovely cousin, Dana, has been answering my weird, random, "is this normal for a cat to..." questions. What a good sport. =]

My cat sleeps so CUTE. BRB taking a picture.

K. She naps on the corner of my bed nearest to my computer while I'm doing homework, blogging, and fbooking.  She also sheds A LOT.

My mom sent us a care package, with kitty treats, Stacey treats, some kitty toys and some Paris stuffs =] Thanks mama!!

We're still getting used to each other. She gets along well with my roommate, which is awesome. She kinda plays with toys and is always hungry. She sleeps a lot. My kind of cat.

Sad news, I'm kind of sick. Blah. At first I was worried I was allergic to Jersey.. but it can't be. I never sniffled once all those times I went to the shelter (and I was there for a solid 45 mins each time), and I spend about 6 hours each day at school, and I've been getting worse even when I'm there, away from her. It can't be it. Plus.. I'm sniffly and stuffy and mom gets itchy the second she is near a cat or in someone's house who has a cat, regardless if the cat is around. I'm not itchy at all.

Boy leaves Oct 2 or 3. One week. He's not around this weekend, either. So I'll prob never see him again. Ever.  Trying not to think about it...seems farther away than it really is.

Happy note... my cat's cute.

xo Stace

PS - One month until D's birthday, 2 til mine. =D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quoi de neuf?

Just a few quick things.

1: I think I get my cat in a few days. WHO'S EXCITED. She's doing much better. Did I go into details about her on the blog? Idk if I did...but she was in a lot of pain from her tooth extractions and the shelter felt it was best to wait some more time before I took her home. I went to visit her both Saturday and Sunday, and the one day made such a difference... Sunday she was doing great and back to her normal self. I'm thinking I'll have her by Wednesday... hope so!

2: New blog! It's half an assignment...half something I really like the idea of. It's a teaching journal. Since it's an assignment... I'm being pretty strict about talking only about teaching, not being too witty or informal... and keeping it pretty boring. But after the assignment's over.. I'd like to share links and ideas and materials and it could be ridiculous amounts of fun. :) My Teaching Journal  .. if you're interested. Feel free to comment.

3: Things between boy and I have been pretty good the past week... but it's weird. It's like some higher power is building up our relationship right before it "ends" (ie. he moves). I can't help but think, the higher it's built up...the longer I'll fall in the end. But for right now, I'm enjoying the goodness between us. He's at the moment driving back to CT from his job interview in PA... If I didn't have to teach in 13 hours, I'd so be there waiting for him.

4: I changed the mp3 player to the left. It doesn't play once you come onto the page anymore... now you click a song in the playlist (which I've totally changed btw) and it starts the list from there.

That's all for now really. There's going to be an epic, picture-filled blog post soon, after I get my kittyshmittymeowmeow, poopsiesmooshkins.


xo Stace

Saturday, September 18, 2010

La tristesse

-Frustrated sigh of the century-

They told me I wouldn't still be overwhelmed after a few weeks. They're right. I'm not just still overwhelmed. I'M GOING NUTS. And I'm miserable.

-Boy's leaving, I think I have one more weekend with him for the rest of my life. I'll prob never see him again.

-I have to wait another week to get my kitty. I just want to snuggle her and forget the rest of the world for a little while.

-I have so much homework. And it's not like I feel relieved when I get something done, because there's just more waiting for me right after it.

-I'm TIRED and I don't feel refreshed when I wake up, but it feels so good when I lay down. WHY?

I'm just unhappy these days. But I try not to show it. I try my hardest to be a positive person. My friends and students and professors and everyone I interact with only sees a smiley Stacey. But lately...why kid myself? I'm not. And I don't know what to do about it. And if I did know, I'd probably be too tired or have zero desire to do it, because that's the type of mood I've been in. All summer I was bored to tears and wanted something to do. Now, I'm busy as f*ck and I have no drive to do anything.

I need to kick myself into shape, literally and figuratively.

But first, some sleep.

xo Stace


Miranda and I had a spur of the moment girls' night. We were in PJs, we did pore strips, watched a French movie, had some chocolate, boy talked, etc. I feel better.

Merci Miranda! Je suis chanceuse d'avoir une amie comme toi.

That was bad French. But whatever.

xo Stace

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Un chat!


So, if one is ultimately sad one night, and the next day, very excited, what does that mean? Am I balanced out now? Idk.

Sad news first. Boy is moving. Far, far away. I'm going to try and not cry as I write this, but it's going to be hard. I have waited the entire summer for him, he was busy and working and too much was going on for us to be officially "together." I got it. I understood. I waited, maybe not so patiently.. Finally, September came and the season ended. We immediately started spending more time together. It's been amazing <3. But, his job laid him off until April.. and well, he needs to move to where there's a job. And that's not here. Who knows what will happen.. but it's very likely that he'll be moving 8+ hours away. Too far. I could not be literal enough when I say I literally felt pain in my heart when he told me. I tried to be strong and not cry in front of him. I understand why he has to move. I just hate it. I don't want him to go. He's my rock to my not-so-rare freak-outs. He was here before school friends were made. And.. once he leaves, I'm going to feel very alone, despite my roommate and new friends. It's different. It sucks. Last night was rough.

There's even more heartbreaking elements to it, but that aren't suitable for a blog post, or anyone other than bffs or close cousins or a diary.

Better news: I went to the animal shelter today with Isis (a new school friend.. she's awesome!). We fell in love with kitties!! I applied for a gorgeous, 10-yr-old cat named Gwen. She's so friendly and affectionate and just ADORABLE. I'm so excited, and so is roomie! She just arrived at the shelter a few days ago, so once she goes to the vet for routine testing, hopefully coming out all healthy, gets a rabies shot, she's mine. If all goes well, she'll be mine by the end of the week! How exciting!! Isis also adopted a cat, but she won't have hers for at least a week or two, because she needs to be spayed.

Maybe it's not a dog, but I'm finally getting a pet. And I'll probably blog about her and our adventures together. And video chat with people and wave her paw hello and goodbye. And maybe, just maybe, Gwen (potentially being renamed, any suggestions? Olivia? Ophelia? Jersey?) will help fill a small part of the huge void that boy will leave me with when he's gone. She'll never replace him, but maybe she'll help me not feel alone in the world. We'll have each other.

And as my best friend and my cousin have mentioned.. this is probably the start of being a crazy cat lady. I hope not. Someone promptly let me know if it ever seems that way. Kthx.

In other news... grad school is still really hard. A lot of work. Too much reading. Too long of days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays seem NEVER ending and Thursday nights when I crawl into bed at 9:45pm, I couldn't be happier to be in BED. I feel like old. And tired. And blah.

Alright, updates later... hopefully happier ones.

xo Stace

Friday, September 3, 2010


As promised, a real blog post. I needed to play with my Mac for a bit and get some much needed sleep before doing this.

Soo. I'm still overwhelmed since the last post, for reasons within the last post. I'm a bit more comfortable with things now, but still very overwhelmed. Here's something, though:

I LOVE TEACHING. I've only had two classes so far, but I have a great group of students and all has gone extremely well.

I'm overwhelmed with my 3 grad classes and the amount of work they entail. Only one of them is in French, which right now, I'm wayyy thankful for. The French one is driving me crazy, and I've only had one class. And in general, I have a TONN of reading to do, and stuff I actually have to read...not undergrad textbook bs that I could easily not read and get the same info from paying attention in class. Grr.

I also really love my Mac. A lot.

What else to say? My week only consists of TWTh and I feel like I've been in school for a straight month without leaving my tired, and it's grossly hot, and busy and overwhelming. I need a vacay. Or three years to catch up on my reading.

Now that I have a wonderful Mac and an awesome webcam, I could potentially vlog. Maybe. On a good hair day.

xo Stace

Thursday, September 2, 2010



Guess what?!





Real blog post later.

xo Stace