Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Je vous ai promis..

A while back I promised you some photos of my apartment. Here they are! We'll do the upstairs first.

This is my bedroom. That bed took me 3 weeks and a lot of angry phone calls to get. But it's preetttttty :). And my bookshelf of clutter, and my computer desk. And my crafty wall art. My room is pretty huge... I should show you my closet space, that alone is probably bigger than my dorm room at Rider.

Look! I have a linen closet!! The shelf with the white bucket thing and the one underneath it are mine =].

My upstairs bathroom! The shower curtain was graciously donated by my future sister-in-law, Erica. In between the bathroom and the linen closet is my roommate's room.

Let's go downstairs!

Those are my stairs, and my wobbly banister. And that's my front door that we never use! =] Just to the right of my door way is my ...

Living room! Do you like our cheapo couch covers? They are just top sheets. Legit sofa covers are really expensive, it's nuts. It's okay though, I don't feel so bad when I spill stuff on them =P. Oh, and don't notice the Disney channel on the TV. Next!

Dining room! My really ghetto card table/chairs.. but they serve the purpose. And the hideous, hideous table cloth that I only picked because it was $4. And, I already melted a hole through it, but it's flipped, so we're all good in the hood.

My back door and my little patio area. We don't have anything back there though. But we park back there, even though I don't think we're supposed to. It's much closer/easier. Come visit me and you'll see why.

And last but not least...

My kitchen! It looks tiny here... but it's actually quite spacious. And to the left of the microwave/toaster oven tower is a little bathroom (and I mean little). But it's cute and yay =]. It has one of those little sliding doors that always get stuck in the wall.

But yeah, that's my apartment in a nutshell! I like it a lot =]. Come visit me!

xo Stace



  2. Cuteso! Love the bedspread and bathroom shower curtain. Thanks for sharing, even though we had to wait FOR-EVAH!