Friday, August 27, 2010

Et il commence..

I can't believe I'm blogging. You know why? Well, I'll tell you. Because I'm SO extremely: 1. busy 2. tired 3. tired. 4. busy 5. overwhelmed and 6. tired.

Let's recap the last week. I got home after work at 2AM Friday morning. I slept for a few hours, only to be up at the asscrack of dawn to get the worst manicure I've ever gotten in my life, followed by a long Walmart run, more driving on the worst road ever created, Rt 95, checking into a hotel, rehearsing a wedding, and going to a dinner with a billion people and even more driving. After very little sleep in my allergen-filled home, I once again had to be up before 7 to get my hair done (which would proceed to fall every 4 minutes despite the can and a half of hairspray and the 6,000 bobbypins in it). Then we had to drive BACK to the hotel, we had, oh, say, an hour? for both me and my mother to dress for the wedding, only for us to sit in the insanely hot reception hall while everyone else took pictures. Fortunately, there was complimentary champagne to drink on an empty stomach. Proceed with the ceremony, my shoes being too small, and the reception, which included amazing hors d'oeuvre, 7+ cosmos, more champagne, wine, and my good ol' friend, Jack Daniels. The bartender was my bff after the first hour. What was his name again? Anywho. The hotel beds were phenomenal, however, I only got to spend a few hours in them, just to be up bright and early for breakfast

I then drove to my alma mater, to see my bff, where we did nothing for about 4 hours and then went to eat. I left about 2 hours later than I wanted to, and of course, on my way back to CT, the sky just opened up and RAINED. Like, really really really rained. Hard. I got into CT, still 2 hours from home, and pulled over. I paid an astronomical amount of money for a cheeseburger while I waited for the rain to not stop. I finally mustered up some courage along with the heartburn, and went off again. I got about 30 miles until I hit traffic, on my good friend, Rt 95. I was only about 5 miles from my exit. But I sat in that traffic for TWO HOURS, only inching about two miles in those two hours.Of course, during those two hours of not moving, the rain stopped completely, only starting again when the traffic broke. I'm not even remotely joking, either.

I got home at 2am, having to be up, dressed, presentable and professional at 7:30am. WTF. Here starts Monday morning, my first day of orientation.

So, I knew I was going to be a TA. But I came from a school that didn't have TAs, in fact, they actually BOASTED that they didn't have TAs. So are TAs bad? I hope not. But anyway. I have no past experience to gauge my future on. I thought I'd be grading papers and tests, maybe taking attendance, you know. Doing the bitch work for a professor. Well, I was half right. I still get to do all the bitch work. But I also get to teach. Like, really teach. Like, I have my own class that I teach 100% of the time, MY class, MY students. Zero professor involvement. WHAT!? So I find this out on Monday. I think it's grad school orientation, you know, a campus tour, how to register, etc. Nope, it's a TA orientation, how to teach, how to do professor things, etc. WHAT!? Ahhh. So I was in freak-out/still-tired-from-the-wedding mode for 3/4 of the day. I finally started to feel better about things. Then they told me I would be a TA for a second class. WHAT!? But for this one, the professor teaches and I really am just doing the bitch work. I wasn't alone, I've made some great friends/colleagues so far and we've had a lot of fun despite our sleep-deprived overwhelmedness. Two of the other new French TAs live in my town, less than a mile from me. I get to work directly with legit French people, and the languages department in general ROCKS. We had an "I will survive" party last night. It was awesome. The people being wonderful and the home feeling, and the I'm-not-in-this-alone feeling is very, very needed and calming. 

So, recap: Wedding was great but tiring, driving sucks immensely, school is overwhelming, busy, but I have great people to work with. 

Classes start Monday, but I have Mondays and Fridays off (how awesome did THAT work out?!) so Tuesday at 11am, I'm teaching my first French class, then taking my first grad class, then TAing my first class.

Wish me luck.

xo Stace

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  1. Awesome! You're going to do great! I just know it.