Saturday, June 19, 2010

J'ai décidé!

Alrighty folks (or folk.. I'm pretty sure the only person who reads this is D),

I've decided on my new blog, finally! As you know, I recently moved into my first apartment (it's been a little over a month - feels like a decade!) and I haven't been able to get a dog yet. Or a Mac. And I haven't really met any people. Everything I wanted to make my Jersey in Connecticut blog about fell through. But you know what the one thing that I do every day, consistently? I cook. And I cannot wait to cook every day. But I'm not gourmet by any means. I'm cheap, I use store brand products and I google recipes. I do know that I love food, and I can admit when my own food tastes like crap. Oh, and I like to take pictures and write. So, my friend(s)/cousin, I'm going to do a cooking blog. Hopefully what I have in mind for my "twist" on the cooking blog will set it apart from others. And I really need to figure out how to get my blog titles more searchable on Google. :)

Other than that, things have been okay in CT. I miss my friends dearly. I miss having them within drivable distance. I have seen Stef literally just about every single day of the past 2 years, and I'm going over a month now without seeing her. It's nuts. I miss my mom, too. And I'm sad because I missed out on some family events...a funeral (not really an event, but I still missed it), Leah's birthday party, a friend's baby shower, a trip to visit my mom's side of the family. It sucks. I hate missing out.

What else? I love my apartment/condo. My job truly starts at the end of next week. Things with boy are a little weird, for lack of a better word (or maybe I just think they are...idk). Maybe "unsure" is a better word.. some days are great and other days could be better.

Tomorrow is also father's day. Ugh. The past few years, I haven't done well on that day. I tend to be a hermit and hole up in my bed all and hug one of the last stuffed animals he gave me. I make bad food decisions and watch sad movies.

I'm going to end this on a positive note, though: Stef and Cassie are coming to visit me for the midnight release of Eclipse! Woo!

Okay, catch ya later, and keep an eye peeled for my new blog.

xo Stace

PS - Starting a new blog does not mean this one is caput. It's just slow, because, well, not much is going on for me at the moment. And, once I make my bed and clean my rooms and such, now that I'm finally all unpacked and have all will come. =].


  1. I was thinking of you yesterday. It must be tough, even though many years have passed. I'm sorry for what you had/ve to go through, and just know that I am always here and always thinking of you.


  2. So, how's that new blog coming along? I could use some recipes and food ideas and I am waiting....patiently, I think, for you to get started! So, get to it!