Saturday, May 22, 2010

Je cherche un boulot!

Ah, le sigh.

It shoulddd be a lazy Saturday (it kind of is, but I'd like to go back to sleep). I'm at the boy's currently. He works for a minor league baseball team, and his stadium is having a job fair today. Since I've had minimal luck with other applications, I'm going to attend and apply to be a bartender / box seating waitress for the games. It's like a 30 minute drive from my apartment, so the 8 bucks an hour really isn't worth it..but it's better than the nothing I'm currently making. I knew the job market was bad..but I didn't think that meant like minimum wage cashier jobs, too. I thought it only was tight for suit-wearing jobs. This sucks!

So, because I'm currently jobless and junk, I've had some time to think about the blog. Since a lot of my plans fell through (getting a dog right now, etc) I won't launch a new blog. I had one I was working on, but I'm going to nix it. I think I might remain themeless for the time being, but I have been doing an awful lot of cooking lately. Boy lovesss it when I cook for him, and it's cheaper than going out to eat. In the WEEK (omg) since I've been a CT resident, I've made a lot of dished I never even thought of attempting. Like calzones. They're REALLY (like obnoxiously) easy but I never knew that until I tried. Or rice and quesadillas. I've had it a million times..but have I ever made it? Nope. Or toaster oven French bread pizza. Yum!  Back to the point.. I've been taking pictures with my phone of my dishes to send to Mom and I was thinking about posting them. Yep..they're messy plates, crappy quality pictures...but fun nonetheless.

I might start that next time. I'm excited for what he's going to ask me to make him next. It's sounds kind of masochistic. I cook for him, do his dishes, swiffer his floors and make his bed.. but you know what? I don't mind. I get to spend time with him and I get to sleep in an actual bed, instead of the air mattress that currently inhabits my bedroom. Yeah, Sears was supposed to deliver my mattress on Thursday. However, they are incompetent and despite their confirmation call the night before, my mattress will not arrive until NEXT Thursday. I am NOT happy.

But yes, I've got to get ready for this job fair. Wish me luck!

xo Stace

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Je suis diplomée!

Hii. Okay, so I'm in MY apartment this time. I still don't have cable or Internet ... I'm currently stealing wireless from a neighbor..shhh. I feel like I've spent a ton of time unpacking...yet you should see the crap all over my room. The kitchen is just about done (but not), my room is a disaster! I don't get my bed til Thursday..and unfortunately, a lot revolves around the bed! Once I get everything in its place, there WILL be pictures, I promise.

So, whoa, look at me, all college-educated! I graduated college. I never thought it would actually happen, but it did. I'm not sure if it's entirely hit me yet. I don't think I've been away from it long enough yet.. I still feel like this move is a long weekend. I feel weird putting my stuff in cabinets and clothes in the closet... I keep telling myself this is only temporary. Yeah, I highly doubt (and hope) this isn't the house that I'll live in for the majority of my life, so this move isn't permanent..but so far, I like it and I want to be here for a while. I guess the past few years and all the moving I did has scarred me.

Here's some pics from grad:

I started my job hunt yesterday. I applied to about 7 places. I would have done more, but some of the places didn't have any positions or couldn't find their I really want to be a part of that anyway? I also e-mailed a few people on Craigslist, too..maybe they will pull through? IDK, but I need something, FAST!

And, I know this will probably wear off, but I LOVE to cook! I love having a kitchen. Granted, the only thing I've made in MY kitchen is mac n cheese...but I cooked for boy a few times. A. He loves my cooking, B. I love my cooking, and C. I don't feel like I'm eating mass-cooked, processed, laxative-laced food! Woo!

Alright, hopefully I can finish unpacking today. But I suppose I have to start before I finish, huh?

xo Stace

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Il se passe..

It's happenning. Holy cow. Breathe, hee hee hoo.

So, I'm currently at boy's apartment. He's at work. It's my first morning being a CT resident, and I'm not even at my own apartment. Let's back up and I'll tell you why.

We left about 4 hours later then we wanted to yesterday morning. We hit MASSIVE traffic and the 3.5 hour drive took about 5 hours. We were all tired, cranky, sweaty, and lazy before we even unloaded everything from the three cars. Boy was subjected to the chaos of my mother/family and I hadn't even had the chance to give a proper hello after two months of not seeing him, so I was nervous about that. However, he's still speaking to me after the family Walmart trip which included hours and two full shopping carts, so, I think we're OK. BTW - Super Walmart's are amazing. I'm thoroughly excited about it.

So far, I think I've only forgotten minimal things at home, like my white Old Navy flip flops and my toothpaste. But I haven't really unpacked much, so I'm not sure. I also forgot to buy some stuff, like hand soap and dish sponges, but I also bought so much and tempers were high, so to even think about it at that point would have been crazy.

Rayica left after putting together some stuff we bought. Boy, mommy and I had a great dinner at the Willimantic Brew Pub, then mom headed home, and I went to unpack a teensy bit more, and then I drove to boy's. :).

Here I am, waiting for him to get back from work so I can make him breakfast (it's the least I can do... he totally put up with a lot yesterday).

The last few days were crazy! I went from waking up at noon, brushing my teeth and hair, going to class and work, and being back in my dorm for a nap by 8. Now? Up at somewhere between 5 -7am all week for appointments, graduations, etc etc after staying up late to say goodbye to my friends, packing, lifting, moving, allergies..OMG. Just too much in a short amount of time. I think once I'm unpacked, I'll breathe.Melissa moves in on Tuesday glad we didn't move on the same day, it would have been a war zone.

This post is getting long...I'll do another about graduation and the apartment in a few days, with pictures of course!

xo Stace

PS - I won the giveaway on Dana's blog!!! THANKS! So excited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I know it's been a while. Not much to say, really.

Graduation and moving in two weeks, woo! But it's getting super close and the scariness I haven't yet experienced is setting in. Money sucks, a LOT. A lot a lot. The chance of getting a dog now is slim, and it really upsets me! =[.

I have a paper and a final on Tuesday, and one on Thursday. Then I move out of Rider for good (at least that's positive).

I'm trying really hard to not be a Negative Nancy. But it's hard not to be when it's like 108 billion degrees in your dorm room and yesterday sucking put you in a terrible mood.


Okay, I'm going before this post gets worse haha.

xo Stace