Monday, April 5, 2010

Alerte d'intello!

This title translation is for D. "Nerd Alert!" (PS - it took me crazy long to find a decent translation for "nerd." Not an easy task as I thought it would be!)

Alrighty. So I'm sitting in the Fine Arts building at school, in a new tech-savvy computer lab with soundproof rooms and's kinda fun but also a tad creepy. I guess you have to be here to understand. But this will be a relatively quick blog post, because, well, it's creepy and my next class in is 20 minutes.

So I spent this weekend in good ol' Sparta. No, not Greece. I wish! However, Sparta, NJ is the home of my cousin (DeenutsDana!). She invited me to come up for a Girls' Night with her sister Adriana, her daughter Leah, and her sister-in-law Christie. We all got kinda drunk (except Leah and Christie. Leah went to sleep and Christie got shit-faced) and had a blast whilst dying Easter eggs.

 New definition of Hulk Hands.
By the way, I dyed the most amazing egg ever dyed ever. I'm kind of upset that it was needed for Easter Sunday deviled eggs. =[. But, I documented it before we shelled it. Thank goodness for camera phones.

                                           I wonder if ShopRite will pay me for this pic.

I also had some fun with Dana's pets, Ruby and Penny (even though Ruby was a little naughty and Penny did try to assassinate me once or twice). Here's Ruby (isn't she adorable!):

I also had the fascination of learning that toddlers sleep butt-in-the-air. Proof:

And, Leah still uses the elephant towel we got her before she was born :). It's ridiculously adorable...

See? And, then Easter morning finally came. Leah had the most fun with her spinny toy thing, and she was fascinated with learning how to open an egg carton.

Sunday, we went to Zio Enzo's (savvy Italian there, if you missed it), had ridiculous amounts of food. He even made his meatballs, which I have loved since about, oh I'd say, birth. I was the only Favoch there, but it was okay. I had a ton of fun! But, since I had about a 2-hour drive back and a huge test (that I just took), I had to leave, but not before one last pic:

She's smiling in a picture (you have no idea how hard that is)! Yay!

Okay, class starts in 3 minutes. I just took a killer test, I'm hoping I pulled an A-, but I think it was more like a B, maybe a B+. I have a feeling D will make fun of that in my comments. Only time will tell, though. =P.

Blog ya l8r.

xo Stace


So I'm fixing the pics in this post so I figured I'd update a little more. I went to class and saw Steffy! Yay. I haven't really talked to her since Friday, which doesn't seem long, but it is for us. We decided we're going to each get another tattoo before I move to CT. I'm not totally sure what I want yet, I'm between a few ideas.

To make my day a little brighter, some girls who are running for SGA spots just came to my door with candy and a frisbee. So I'm eating a little chocolate I probably don't need and my future Fido is getting a toy. Woo!

I also just started setting up my new blog. I'll give some more information on it soon, the ideas are still in my head and will eventually be in the form of a blog.

So, that paper due tomorrow still isn't started. I guess I should probably go do that before I start putzing around on the Internet!


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  1. I just took a killer test, I'm hoping I pulled an A-, but I think it was more like a B, maybe a B+. I have a feeling D will make fun of that in my comments.


    So, today, Leah grabs her new build-a-dog out of the box and is running down the hall screaming Stacey! Not sure if she is calling for you and is reminded by the dog, or if she's renamed the dog Stacey. Either way, she's a genius.

    We had a great time with you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last picture of the two of you on the steps. Hope you had fun! NERD!

    And maybe you need to tell people that you earned your nerdy nickname. I'm sorry, but when it's 75 degrees on a Saturday afternoon and we are all out playing and you are SITTING ON THE FRONT STEPS MAKING OUT INDEX CARDS, well, I don't need to scream it again.

    oh ok, NERD ALERT!