Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Je serai diplomée bientôt!

Today is exactly one month until graduation day. THANK GOD! Also, today is Nanny's 86th birthday, and a ton of other people's birthdays. Go you!

I picked up my cap and gown today. It's real, it's actually happening! I'll have a degree! Omg! They gave us a whole bunch of other free stuff. A membership card to the Alumni Assoc, a business card holder, magnets, pins, license plate covers, financial aid paperwork, etc etc etc! So much stuff. It's all exciting and only a wee bit overwhelming. I'm officially 3 papers away from being done with this semester. Woo! If you can't tell, I can't wait at all. I'm so ready. I was walking past where the ceremony will be, and I just kept imagining it, with a huge smile on my face. I need to figure out the best hair style for a grad cap, though. High school's didn't work so well, lol.

On Friday morning, I have to do this mock OPI. The real OPI is an oral proficiency interview where you talk to an interviewer on the phone in French for about a half hour, and they evaluate your level. I have no reason  to take it at this point, because I don't want to go into teaching right now (it's a state requirement of those intending to teach a language). My prof is "making" me do this though. I haven't spoken my true level of French since early December. I'm not in a French class this semester, so my only French usage has been some tutoring of level 1. I'm so rusty, and really nervous that this test won't be a real evaluation of how I can speak. I wish I was able to do it last semester. Grr.

I really want to make it to point to see all my friends and take tons of pictures before graduation. There are so many people I really don't get to see all that much, and I want to have a ton of pictures! It feels like my last chance. One more month to see everyone! The good thing is, that most of my friends are friends with each other, too, so we can probably do it in one or two shots and get everyone in. :D.

And, I really want a Mac. BAD. I know exactly which one I want. I just need the money. I put a whole bunch of new pics on Facebook just now (more coming, too) from Photobooth on Cassie's. They are SO funny. :D

Here's a pic I Picnik'd of Steffy and me!

xo Stace

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