Sunday, April 11, 2010

C'est bizarre

I'm a weird mood.

This weekend was at least something different from the usual! Friday, after Stef got out from her RD interview (good luck Steffy!!!) we went to Toms River to her mom's house! Her mom's church was having a Ladies' Night function and her mom asked us to stop by. It was really nice, but we had to go to a praise and worship portion of the night and I found it so awkward and overwhelming. I do not want to offend Stef or her mom or anyone, but I hate feeling under pressure to be religious and to accept God and become Christian. I know that Stef doesn't (always) do it on purpose but I felt so cornered and put on the spot.. if anything, it moved me farther away from religion. If it's going to come to me, it's not going to be pushed.

The rest of the night was fun and it was a really nice thing for the church to do. I love it when people who really need it are helped. They had professionals donate time to give free manis and pedis, haircuts, let people leave with whole outfits and purses, lots of food, etc. It was really nice. After, we went back to Stef's mom's house. I like it there! Her family is so nice, and so is their house. Very cute and comfy. Their dog, Rocky hated me for the first 12 hours but he came around =P. Such a cute fluffball, an American Eskimo. We got some Yellow Brick Road ice cream and I fulfilled my 2-week+ craving of coffee ice cream with Oreo. Her mom's guestroom bed is AMAZINGLY comfortable, words can't describe. Saturday, we hung out with her Nanny (who so adorable!) and stopped at Stef's dad's house, said hi and hung out for a bit with her sister, then headed back to school.

Best part of the weekend: I was walking down to breakfast at Stef's mom's, and I missed and fell down like 3-4 hardwood steps and landed into a doorknob. I brushed and laughed it off, it really didn't hurt that bad then, but I'm so feeling it! My arm has like a 7inch purple, grey, yellow, blue bruise and my right kneecap hurts and ugh! I feel terrible.

Last night I hung out with Stef and Anson (aww) for a little, then Cassie, Kendall and I went to the movies and saw The Last Song. I read the book and cried for like, days. I really wanted to see the movie, I generally love Miley Cyrus. The movie was eh, they left SO much out from the book, like cut out crucial characters and events. It was a little frustrating, but it was a decent movie, I suppose.

Today, Ray and Erica came over to Rider so I could sign my taxes, then we walked around the mall (I got a SUPER cute tank from Old Navy for 5 bucks! Totally wearing it tomorrow) and we went out to lunch at Chevy's. I came back, talked to Joe for a bit, took a nap, and went out to get some dinner, and here I am! I have a paper due on Tuesday, but not much drive to do it. I'll probably put it off 'til tomorrow night.

Gonna go do some more of nothing :).

xo Stace

PS - I cannot wait until I get a Mac. Hopefully ASAP. <3.

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