Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Et tout tombe..

Since my last post, my life has been six letters. STRESS.

I'm not going to go into great detail, but just a lot of things have been eh lately. Money, mostly. I don't have a lot of time to get it together and have everything figured out, and the pressure is on. My options are extremely limited and I have a ton to think about.

The chances of me adopting a dog in the near future are greatly dropping, and it's really upsetting me. Maybe there will be a turn of events, but right now, it's not looking good. Maybe in a few months it'll be different. Also, I desperately want a Mac, because my computer is turning into crap not-so-slowly and surely, but I'm afraid I'll have to make do for a while longer. =\.

On the bright side, I got my moving date, and it happens to be the day after I graduate. As much as I'm looking forward to it, that week(end) is going to be CRAZY. Moving out of Rider the first Saturday or Sunday, doctor and dentist appointments that Monday, getting my car into the mechanic for who knows how many days, packing up all of my stuff and it needs to be loaded into the car and ready to go by say Wednesday night.That Thursday my mom graduates, Friday is my graduation, Saturday is moving day. Sunday is unpacking and Monday starts my new life. Evan's coming home that weekend, I'm so excited! I thought he might not be able to make it, so I'm really happy he'll be there. =]. 

Whew. I have a lot to do, a lot to arrange and figure out, and even more to think about! Oh, and I still have three papers to go.

23 days til graduation. :D

xo Stace

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Une vidéo pour vous!


So I'm really excited right now for a number of reasons. Ready?

One: I'm currently in Cassie's room, blogging!
Two: I'm using Cassie's Mac!
Three: Cassie, on her Mac, made a video of some footage that we made while in Europe (remember that Vlog I mentioned way back when and never happened? Well, it kiiiinda did). I JUST saw it for the first time, and I loooove it. I just uploaded it to YouTube. I'm going to link to it at the end of this post. :)
Four: I got that mock OPI out of the way this morning. I felt like I did HORRRRRRIBLE. Like, truly terrible.  However, Dr. P-T said I did fine and did well, and gave me some constructive criticism. She let me borrow some tapes (VHS, lol) and gave me some ways to boost my French during the summer.

I have no plans for the weekend. I guess I could write some papers. But I probably won't. Sen10ritis at its best.

Um, what else? Not sure. But I'm really excited for this video. Watch it all the way through, it's amazing.

xo Stace

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Je serai diplomée bientôt!

Today is exactly one month until graduation day. THANK GOD! Also, today is Nanny's 86th birthday, and a ton of other people's birthdays. Go you!

I picked up my cap and gown today. It's real, it's actually happening! I'll have a degree! Omg! They gave us a whole bunch of other free stuff. A membership card to the Alumni Assoc, a business card holder, magnets, pins, license plate covers, financial aid paperwork, etc etc etc! So much stuff. It's all exciting and only a wee bit overwhelming. I'm officially 3 papers away from being done with this semester. Woo! If you can't tell, I can't wait at all. I'm so ready. I was walking past where the ceremony will be, and I just kept imagining it, with a huge smile on my face. I need to figure out the best hair style for a grad cap, though. High school's didn't work so well, lol.

On Friday morning, I have to do this mock OPI. The real OPI is an oral proficiency interview where you talk to an interviewer on the phone in French for about a half hour, and they evaluate your level. I have no reason  to take it at this point, because I don't want to go into teaching right now (it's a state requirement of those intending to teach a language). My prof is "making" me do this though. I haven't spoken my true level of French since early December. I'm not in a French class this semester, so my only French usage has been some tutoring of level 1. I'm so rusty, and really nervous that this test won't be a real evaluation of how I can speak. I wish I was able to do it last semester. Grr.

I really want to make it to point to see all my friends and take tons of pictures before graduation. There are so many people I really don't get to see all that much, and I want to have a ton of pictures! It feels like my last chance. One more month to see everyone! The good thing is, that most of my friends are friends with each other, too, so we can probably do it in one or two shots and get everyone in. :D.

And, I really want a Mac. BAD. I know exactly which one I want. I just need the money. I put a whole bunch of new pics on Facebook just now (more coming, too) from Photobooth on Cassie's. They are SO funny. :D

Here's a pic I Picnik'd of Steffy and me!

xo Stace

Sunday, April 11, 2010

C'est bizarre

I'm a weird mood.

This weekend was at least something different from the usual! Friday, after Stef got out from her RD interview (good luck Steffy!!!) we went to Toms River to her mom's house! Her mom's church was having a Ladies' Night function and her mom asked us to stop by. It was really nice, but we had to go to a praise and worship portion of the night and I found it so awkward and overwhelming. I do not want to offend Stef or her mom or anyone, but I hate feeling under pressure to be religious and to accept God and become Christian. I know that Stef doesn't (always) do it on purpose but I felt so cornered and put on the spot.. if anything, it moved me farther away from religion. If it's going to come to me, it's not going to be pushed.

The rest of the night was fun and it was a really nice thing for the church to do. I love it when people who really need it are helped. They had professionals donate time to give free manis and pedis, haircuts, let people leave with whole outfits and purses, lots of food, etc. It was really nice. After, we went back to Stef's mom's house. I like it there! Her family is so nice, and so is their house. Very cute and comfy. Their dog, Rocky hated me for the first 12 hours but he came around =P. Such a cute fluffball, an American Eskimo. We got some Yellow Brick Road ice cream and I fulfilled my 2-week+ craving of coffee ice cream with Oreo. Her mom's guestroom bed is AMAZINGLY comfortable, words can't describe. Saturday, we hung out with her Nanny (who so adorable!) and stopped at Stef's dad's house, said hi and hung out for a bit with her sister, then headed back to school.

Best part of the weekend: I was walking down to breakfast at Stef's mom's, and I missed and fell down like 3-4 hardwood steps and landed into a doorknob. I brushed and laughed it off, it really didn't hurt that bad then, but I'm so feeling it! My arm has like a 7inch purple, grey, yellow, blue bruise and my right kneecap hurts and ugh! I feel terrible.

Last night I hung out with Stef and Anson (aww) for a little, then Cassie, Kendall and I went to the movies and saw The Last Song. I read the book and cried for like, days. I really wanted to see the movie, I generally love Miley Cyrus. The movie was eh, they left SO much out from the book, like cut out crucial characters and events. It was a little frustrating, but it was a decent movie, I suppose.

Today, Ray and Erica came over to Rider so I could sign my taxes, then we walked around the mall (I got a SUPER cute tank from Old Navy for 5 bucks! Totally wearing it tomorrow) and we went out to lunch at Chevy's. I came back, talked to Joe for a bit, took a nap, and went out to get some dinner, and here I am! I have a paper due on Tuesday, but not much drive to do it. I'll probably put it off 'til tomorrow night.

Gonna go do some more of nothing :).

xo Stace

PS - I cannot wait until I get a Mac. Hopefully ASAP. <3.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nancy Négative

I'm iffy about this weather. It's nice to not have to carry a sweatshirt or coat with me anymore (although I always feel like I'm forgetting something when I leave my room). And, it definitely feels nice to be outside in nice weather. Like 75-80, no humidity and a slight breeze. Perfect. Unfortunately, that combination rarely happens.

But when it's TOO hot, too muggy...ew. I hate being sweaty and frizzy and gross. I also absolutely detest bugs. I feel like I need to shower every ten minutes.

I was excited about flip flops, but I realized how much they hurt my feet and back after walking around in them allll day.  My tank tops have proven to be too low-cut so I have to keep my eye on my shirt to make sure my bra isn't completely hanging out. I have an arm thing (you know, everyone has that ONE part of their body that they are self-conscious about?) so whenever I go sleeveless or cap sleeves, I have to wear a shrug or something, so I'm usually even hotter because of the layers.

And my hair. Oh, my poor hair. I'm not even getting into that.

Stef and I decided that there is a positive correlation between the temperature rising and the shortness of skirts. Oh, oh, my favorite are the sluts who layout side the dorms in bikinis, on towels. Like they're at the beach or something.

Needless to say, I'm in a bad mood. I'm stressed out but I really don't have a reason to be. I probably shouldn't be blogging in this mood, but I kinda wanted to.

PS - My new blog is coming together! I think I found a layout I'm in love with! I'm going to start posting there and filling in the'll be launched soon!

xo Stace

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alerte d'intello!

This title translation is for D. "Nerd Alert!" (PS - it took me crazy long to find a decent translation for "nerd." Not an easy task as I thought it would be!)

Alrighty. So I'm sitting in the Fine Arts building at school, in a new tech-savvy computer lab with soundproof rooms and's kinda fun but also a tad creepy. I guess you have to be here to understand. But this will be a relatively quick blog post, because, well, it's creepy and my next class in is 20 minutes.

So I spent this weekend in good ol' Sparta. No, not Greece. I wish! However, Sparta, NJ is the home of my cousin (DeenutsDana!). She invited me to come up for a Girls' Night with her sister Adriana, her daughter Leah, and her sister-in-law Christie. We all got kinda drunk (except Leah and Christie. Leah went to sleep and Christie got shit-faced) and had a blast whilst dying Easter eggs.

 New definition of Hulk Hands.
By the way, I dyed the most amazing egg ever dyed ever. I'm kind of upset that it was needed for Easter Sunday deviled eggs. =[. But, I documented it before we shelled it. Thank goodness for camera phones.

                                           I wonder if ShopRite will pay me for this pic.

I also had some fun with Dana's pets, Ruby and Penny (even though Ruby was a little naughty and Penny did try to assassinate me once or twice). Here's Ruby (isn't she adorable!):

I also had the fascination of learning that toddlers sleep butt-in-the-air. Proof:

And, Leah still uses the elephant towel we got her before she was born :). It's ridiculously adorable...

See? And, then Easter morning finally came. Leah had the most fun with her spinny toy thing, and she was fascinated with learning how to open an egg carton.

Sunday, we went to Zio Enzo's (savvy Italian there, if you missed it), had ridiculous amounts of food. He even made his meatballs, which I have loved since about, oh I'd say, birth. I was the only Favoch there, but it was okay. I had a ton of fun! But, since I had about a 2-hour drive back and a huge test (that I just took), I had to leave, but not before one last pic:

She's smiling in a picture (you have no idea how hard that is)! Yay!

Okay, class starts in 3 minutes. I just took a killer test, I'm hoping I pulled an A-, but I think it was more like a B, maybe a B+. I have a feeling D will make fun of that in my comments. Only time will tell, though. =P.

Blog ya l8r.

xo Stace


So I'm fixing the pics in this post so I figured I'd update a little more. I went to class and saw Steffy! Yay. I haven't really talked to her since Friday, which doesn't seem long, but it is for us. We decided we're going to each get another tattoo before I move to CT. I'm not totally sure what I want yet, I'm between a few ideas.

To make my day a little brighter, some girls who are running for SGA spots just came to my door with candy and a frisbee. So I'm eating a little chocolate I probably don't need and my future Fido is getting a toy. Woo!

I also just started setting up my new blog. I'll give some more information on it soon, the ideas are still in my head and will eventually be in the form of a blog.

So, that paper due tomorrow still isn't started. I guess I should probably go do that before I start putzing around on the Internet!