Sunday, March 7, 2010

Je veux un chiot!


So, somebody anonymously asked on my formspring why I don't update my blog. So here I am, updating my blog.

Do I have big news? Heck yeah! I've officially been accepted into the University of Connecticut for graduate school, to pursue my M.A. in French. The offer is TOO good to refuse - they've offered me a T.A. assistantship that has a nice stipend, health insurance, an opportunity to maybe teach summer classes, as well as spend some time in Paris. I accepted it without hearing back from BC, but since then I have heard..I didn't get into their program. It's never a good feeling to not get "accepted" - but I'm OK with it. There wasn't really a good chance that even if I did get into BC, that they'd give me half the offer that UConn did. So, I am truly happy.

Since accepting UConn's offer, I've kind of have HUGE cabin fever at Rider. I can't get off campus enough! It's still a little over 9 weeks til graduation - that's over two months, it feels so far away. I'm ready to move on, ready to go to Connecticut NOW. I'll move the day after graduation if I can.

I plan to get my own apartment and, finally, a DOG! I realllllly want a puppy, however I'm not stupid enough to realize that I'd have the time to train and help a puppy grow - I'll most likely be by myself, working and school - it'd be cruel to not attend to a puppy 24/7. I'm looking to rescue a dog that's at least a year old who is crate trained. Of course there are so many different dog types that I'd prefer, and I have been doing my research on good apartment dogs and such, but I think once I'm finally all moved in, I will head to a shelter and rescue a dog. Unless, of course, I can find someone who's giving away puppies for free, because money will definitely be an issue. I might end up getting a cat/kitten, because they are generally cheaper. But I want a companion, not a moody cat that uses me for food. =D. I also think that when I finally get my own apartment and pet and such, that will be my blog theme. Kinda "Adapting to CT - and Rover" type of thing. I think it has potential to be fun, interesting, informative, and maybe could open some doors, who knows.

I'll also look for another summer job (nothing crazy - I'd be happy working crazy hours in retail or a restaurant) to make extra bucks to help get ahead with rent and pet costs. I'd love to move to CT no later than the beginning of August, just to give me a month to settle in, get comfortable with the area, etc...but ideally I'll be able to move in June and get a job. Ideally.

I'm terrified about moving to CT. I don't know ANYONE there. Nobody. It's one thing to not know anyone when you're at college orientation when you're 18...but I'm 22, I haven't had the need to really make new friends from nothing in 4 years. Everyone's telling me I'll be fine and I think they assume that the people in my classes will be my BFFs. Probably not. I'm nervous.

Despite this crazy case of senioritis, I should probably write the paper I have due on Tuesday.

xo Stace


  1. How about "Adopting CT...and Rover"

    Or something like that I type it out, it sounds a little silly.

    xo Dana