Thursday, March 11, 2010

Je sais qu'il me regarde..

I don't know what to say in this post. I feel like I need to update the blog, but I'm not sure with what.

Oh, here's something. When driving with Stef the other day to Petsmart, we passed a Ms. Locksmith's truck. I could have sworn I knew that truck. I called my mom, and yep. They were my dad's good friends, some people he had helped out a lot. It was weird to see them around school, I'm pretty sure their company is based elsewhere. I guess maybe it was a sign from above? :).

Ooh, speaking of signs, The originally $20 UConn shirt at Old Navy was marked down to $4.49. I guess I made the right decision!

My week has been alright, nothing fancy. Spring break for me officially started Wednesday, but I've been hanging out on campus for work. I'm going home tomorrow afternoon and spending a little bit of time with Momma. On Sunday, I'm driving up to Boston to see the boy. I'll be up there for a few days before I come back down, which when I'll most likely go see my fabulous cousin Dana! Woo. Then back down home to hopefully get ahead on some homework. The NEXT Sunday, Mom, Ray, Erica, and I are heading up to UConn for a campus tour and to check out the area. I found a few apartments I'm interested in, so maybe I'll be able to check them out.

In other news, I think I'm falling in love with Lady Antebellum. So far, their CD is fantastic! It's just enough country to sound good but not enough to be weird.

Don't pictures like this just make you smile? I took this with my phone, it was in an arrangement on Betty's desk a while ago. <3.

xo Stace

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