Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chez moi


I JUST got back from the Boston area. I spent 5 days/4 nights there, with boy. It was a really good time. I like him a lot! I think we progressed a little in where we stand, or at least I hope so. The drive there was treacherous and rainy and omg. I was terrified! I "made" him drive everywhere we went the whole weekend, thank goodness. We did quite a lot, even though I told him he really didn't need to entertain me. We ate out quite a bit, did a ton of shopping (from Walmart necessities to outlet mall browsing), we went to the movies and saw She's Out of My League, which was hysterical and totally worth the money, we got some amazing ice cream at a place called Sully's, we went into Lowell, the Skybox bar, bowling, umm, I know there's more! We did so much and I had a ton of fun! =]. Yay, boys don't suck today.

The drive home seemed like forever and never ending, though. PS - NYC drivers shouldn't be allowed on major highways, just saying... (No offense if you weren't on 95S tonight)

I'm home for the night, doing some laundry and hopefully catching up on sleep. Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall with my mom to try and do some dress shopping for her for the wedding, and then I'm heading up to Dana's! I'm so excited, I get to see D and Adriana and Leah and everyone, and a totally fun slumber party awaits.

Then, home again Saturday night to get all packed and ready to go. Heading up to Ray's and then going up to UConn on Sunday morning for a campus tour and some apartment hunting. Thankfully, I'm NOT driving. Woo. <3.

Okay, I know this wasn't really a significant blog post, but I'm beat. I think I'm going to head to bed. Early-ish day again tomorrow. Pictures from D's and UConn coming! <33

xo Stace

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  1. I am so sorry that I cancelled tonight. I feel like total poo and I feel so bad! But, let's plan it for another weekend. Do you think you can do it another Friday? I'll make sure Adj gets here too.