Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trop Occupée!

So, it's been a while, and I've been threatened to colored Easter eggs in my face if I don't update. And since my options for the day are to write a paper and blog, clearly blogging won =P.

Anywho, so many great things have happened since my last post. The UConn situation was a bit bumpy, but has improved immensely. Things with boy are still great, he met my mom for a spur-of-the-moment dinner and we had a great time.. it wasn't totally awkward and Mom likes him, so yay! And he's still talking to me, so that's always a good sign. He's moving to CT on Thursday, and his apartment will be >30 mins away from mine in May. Oh, right, I found an apartment! Tomorrow I'll complete the rental application and send it in. Also found a roommate, her name is Melissa and she's not psycho! Thank goodness. Assuming the application process goes well, we'll be moving around May 16-18th, so yeah, clear your schedules so you can help me =P (Really, if you can help, I'll need you!). I'm so happy things are falling into place, all I need now if for the next 7 weeks to FLY.

In the last week, I've been in five states (MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE) and have passed by 3 football stadiums multiple times (Patriots, Giants, Eagles). I'm totally sick of being in cars. Accordingly,  my mom has my car for the next few days =[. Dear Mom, please don't ruin her. Kthx, Stacey.  And, yay, I get to see Dana, Leah, and Adj on Friday, so I better have my car back.

In other news, Thursday will officially be one month that I haven't had soda. It hasn't been terrible..once in a while I crave it. But I think that after a little while, I'm going to let myself have it once in a while. But I want to see how long I can go without it. A few people have commented that I lost a little weight (even though I don't believe them).

I'm kind of dreading the week ahead. Despite having two classes canceled because Dr. Sullivan is in Paris (lucky!), I have a paper due on Wednesday that I haven't even looked at, a presentation on Thursday, and I missed a class last week so I need to catch up on notes (it's one of those classes that the PowerPoints mean nothing unless you're in class where he explains them). A test and another paper or two due next week..argh =[. I'm so over this. The only thing keeping me sane is the promise of ..... just a few more weeks.

(it's the UConn mascot logo. Go Huskies!!)

xo Stace

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chez moi


I JUST got back from the Boston area. I spent 5 days/4 nights there, with boy. It was a really good time. I like him a lot! I think we progressed a little in where we stand, or at least I hope so. The drive there was treacherous and rainy and omg. I was terrified! I "made" him drive everywhere we went the whole weekend, thank goodness. We did quite a lot, even though I told him he really didn't need to entertain me. We ate out quite a bit, did a ton of shopping (from Walmart necessities to outlet mall browsing), we went to the movies and saw She's Out of My League, which was hysterical and totally worth the money, we got some amazing ice cream at a place called Sully's, we went into Lowell, the Skybox bar, bowling, umm, I know there's more! We did so much and I had a ton of fun! =]. Yay, boys don't suck today.

The drive home seemed like forever and never ending, though. PS - NYC drivers shouldn't be allowed on major highways, just saying... (No offense if you weren't on 95S tonight)

I'm home for the night, doing some laundry and hopefully catching up on sleep. Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall with my mom to try and do some dress shopping for her for the wedding, and then I'm heading up to Dana's! I'm so excited, I get to see D and Adriana and Leah and everyone, and a totally fun slumber party awaits.

Then, home again Saturday night to get all packed and ready to go. Heading up to Ray's and then going up to UConn on Sunday morning for a campus tour and some apartment hunting. Thankfully, I'm NOT driving. Woo. <3.

Okay, I know this wasn't really a significant blog post, but I'm beat. I think I'm going to head to bed. Early-ish day again tomorrow. Pictures from D's and UConn coming! <33

xo Stace

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Je sais qu'il me regarde..

I don't know what to say in this post. I feel like I need to update the blog, but I'm not sure with what.

Oh, here's something. When driving with Stef the other day to Petsmart, we passed a Ms. Locksmith's truck. I could have sworn I knew that truck. I called my mom, and yep. They were my dad's good friends, some people he had helped out a lot. It was weird to see them around school, I'm pretty sure their company is based elsewhere. I guess maybe it was a sign from above? :).

Ooh, speaking of signs, The originally $20 UConn shirt at Old Navy was marked down to $4.49. I guess I made the right decision!

My week has been alright, nothing fancy. Spring break for me officially started Wednesday, but I've been hanging out on campus for work. I'm going home tomorrow afternoon and spending a little bit of time with Momma. On Sunday, I'm driving up to Boston to see the boy. I'll be up there for a few days before I come back down, which when I'll most likely go see my fabulous cousin Dana! Woo. Then back down home to hopefully get ahead on some homework. The NEXT Sunday, Mom, Ray, Erica, and I are heading up to UConn for a campus tour and to check out the area. I found a few apartments I'm interested in, so maybe I'll be able to check them out.

In other news, I think I'm falling in love with Lady Antebellum. So far, their CD is fantastic! It's just enough country to sound good but not enough to be weird.

Don't pictures like this just make you smile? I took this with my phone, it was in an arrangement on Betty's desk a while ago. <3.

xo Stace

Monday, March 8, 2010

Je suis obligée...

I had to. It's hysterical. Mean girls mixed with Disney Princesses! <33


After you recover from that, here's a blog post. 2 Days in a row, woo!!

Today was a decent day, despite the paper from last night that I still haven't written (which I should be doing now!) and the headache I'm currently fighting. But, let's see, I had a pretty productive up early, did some last minute homework, straightened my hair, relaxed. Went to both classes, then worked til about a half hour ago, then visited Steffy. She's going to apply to a grad school in CT! She's looking into a school that's about an hour away from UConn, so if she decides to go, we could live together about halfway from each and still be fine (even though I'd ideally like to live much closer, I'd do it for her!).

On Sunday, my mom, Ray, Erica, and I are heading to UConn for a tour. Should be fun! It'll be the first time seeing the campus - so basically I'll spend my Spring Break (next week) researching for every piece of information ever on UConn. I'm such a Hermione =P.

UConn is also having an off-campus housing fair on the 24th, so I'm going to miss class for it and head up there.. hopefully my mom and Stef will come, I realllllly don't want to go by myself for a few reasons: 1. I don't wanna make the trip alone, and 2. I know nothing about renting an apartment, the lingo, landlords, anything. Advice welcome!!

So I think I should probably stop blogging and start writing that paper. Blah.

xo Stace

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Je veux un chiot!


So, somebody anonymously asked on my formspring why I don't update my blog. So here I am, updating my blog.

Do I have big news? Heck yeah! I've officially been accepted into the University of Connecticut for graduate school, to pursue my M.A. in French. The offer is TOO good to refuse - they've offered me a T.A. assistantship that has a nice stipend, health insurance, an opportunity to maybe teach summer classes, as well as spend some time in Paris. I accepted it without hearing back from BC, but since then I have heard..I didn't get into their program. It's never a good feeling to not get "accepted" - but I'm OK with it. There wasn't really a good chance that even if I did get into BC, that they'd give me half the offer that UConn did. So, I am truly happy.

Since accepting UConn's offer, I've kind of have HUGE cabin fever at Rider. I can't get off campus enough! It's still a little over 9 weeks til graduation - that's over two months, it feels so far away. I'm ready to move on, ready to go to Connecticut NOW. I'll move the day after graduation if I can.

I plan to get my own apartment and, finally, a DOG! I realllllly want a puppy, however I'm not stupid enough to realize that I'd have the time to train and help a puppy grow - I'll most likely be by myself, working and school - it'd be cruel to not attend to a puppy 24/7. I'm looking to rescue a dog that's at least a year old who is crate trained. Of course there are so many different dog types that I'd prefer, and I have been doing my research on good apartment dogs and such, but I think once I'm finally all moved in, I will head to a shelter and rescue a dog. Unless, of course, I can find someone who's giving away puppies for free, because money will definitely be an issue. I might end up getting a cat/kitten, because they are generally cheaper. But I want a companion, not a moody cat that uses me for food. =D. I also think that when I finally get my own apartment and pet and such, that will be my blog theme. Kinda "Adapting to CT - and Rover" type of thing. I think it has potential to be fun, interesting, informative, and maybe could open some doors, who knows.

I'll also look for another summer job (nothing crazy - I'd be happy working crazy hours in retail or a restaurant) to make extra bucks to help get ahead with rent and pet costs. I'd love to move to CT no later than the beginning of August, just to give me a month to settle in, get comfortable with the area, etc...but ideally I'll be able to move in June and get a job. Ideally.

I'm terrified about moving to CT. I don't know ANYONE there. Nobody. It's one thing to not know anyone when you're at college orientation when you're 18...but I'm 22, I haven't had the need to really make new friends from nothing in 4 years. Everyone's telling me I'll be fine and I think they assume that the people in my classes will be my BFFs. Probably not. I'm nervous.

Despite this crazy case of senioritis, I should probably write the paper I have due on Tuesday.

xo Stace