Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ca me nerve!

Let me first start this [rant] by saying that I love my best friend. She is person that understands me the most (even though there's things she doesn't get) and usually the first and only person I go to with problems.

But have you ever just spent TOO much time with someone, and you just can't bear to be with them another second? That happened today, just like a switch. I got so frustrated. Unfortunately, we were in the car, but only a minute away from being back, so we drove back in silence and went our separate ways. Shortly followed by a text, saying she didn't get why I'm mad. I'm not really mad, just frustrated.

Anyway, this rant is done. New topic.

I reallllllly want to get back into blogging, bad. I want readers and followers and the whole like. I want a theme though, because nobody [yet] cares about what I do on any given day. And some days, I don't have a whole lot to say. So I need a theme. I've mulled over a million different things, but everything seems done! Makeup testing blog, weight loss, recipe trying/tasting, book/movie/music reviews, etc. Everything I've thought of has been done and done well. I even thought of just doing a continuous letter to my dad, but my cousin just launched a blog similar to that - don't want to "copy" off of her, even though it wouldn't be totally similar, but I don't want anything weepy. Idk what to do. I was also thinking of a blog about blogs. I kind of started this blog by posting interesting things I found on the internet. I could continue that, however it seems a little dull. Googling blog ideas is almost redundant.

What about something about online dating? I think it would be weird to blog about building a relationship with someone....but I could try a different angle. Hmm, that's an idea.

I don't know - I'm going to mull it over some more.

xo Stace

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  1. First off, I love reading about your day. We don't get to speak on a daily basis, and so getting to read about what you do is very interesting to me! I read your entire blog in like 20 minutes once you gave me the address. And I love it.

    All of your ideas sound wonderful, Stacey, and you will always find someone out there doing something similar. But, it's what you do with your own little place on the 'net that will make it stand out. So, don't worry about giving your blog a theme that may already be used, it'll be interesting because you are, and people will follow because they love your writing, and your style, and you.