Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Bon Halloween"

As promised, post-Halloween party update. With pictures!

I went as an 80s girl. I did it a few years ago, very similar costume but I think it turned out muuuch better. And it was pretty easy, and not crazy expensive. Oversized Walmart sweatshirt, leggings, ribbed tank top, tacky earrings, scruncis, and awful makeup. And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. Apply, mix, and voilà!

Add some alcohol and dancing and you will get many pictures.. some really epic, but mostly embarrassing.

Example of tag yourself immediately/make profile picture (usually 1 out of 100 pictures):


Examples of an epic, print-out-and-frame picture:

Examples of embarrassing, alcohol-influenced, untag-yourself-immediately picture:


And then you have the token 'friendship pictures":



And then theres a ton of cool pictures you aren't in but don't make the blog because you're not in them :)

Another Halloween party tonight, with about 1/2 of the same people - at a professor's house. Should be interesting :)

xo Stace

PS - My cupcakes were a HIT

Update: Party at professor's house was expected to be fun, but was a total bust. It was SOOOOO awkward!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bombe de Voiture Irlandaise

So, I'm going to a Halloween party tomorrow night (details after). It's supposed to be this big deal with a ton of people going. I was asked/ I offered to bring something, and I wasn't sure..but then I came across the recipe. Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. I myself have never had an Irish Car Bomb drink, but I hear it's great, tastes like a milkshake. It's a pint of Guinness, with a shot of Bailey's and Jameson in it.

So I keep hearing all over the place that these cupcakes are ridiculously AMAZING. And, on Halloween with a bunch of language nerds and foreigners, what's better than alcoholic cupcakes? Nothing, I say! The best part? Half of the alcohol is in the icing, so it doesn't evaporate during the cooking process.

So, of course, I photo-documented the experience.

Recipe was from here: Irish Car Bomb Cupcake Recipe

I usually make cookies from scratch, but I've never made cupcakes from scratch. I've also never worked with cocoa before. Or beer. So I was a little wary, but it turned out okay. The batter was the perfect consistency at first, but while it sat out while the first tray was cooking, it thickened up. And, let me tell you, you could so taste the 1 cup of Guinness in there!

Then they baked :)

I've never made my own icing. I bought some Pilsbury juuust in case. I didn't know butter cream was just a stick of butter and some confectioner's sugar beat to a pulp. I thought there'd be some cream. Nope! Easy! Fun! Going to make all of my own icing now!

And then you ice them!

And then you try really hard only to taste one, not all 24, because you promised to bring them to a party.

And boy, they're amazing. Two or three of these babies and you'll be borderline sloppy!

:) I'll let you know how everyone likes them!!

Make them!!!!

xo Stace

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

La vie n'est pas belle maintenant..

I haven't posted in a while.. and eh. Things haven't been going well here.

Teaching is awesome... school SUCKS. A lot. For beaucoup reasons. That I won't list here, because that's not nice.

And some personal-ish stuff is going on too. Friends, boys, life. Blows.

My cat is good though. Except she's making some weird noise and I'm worried, I may end up taking her to the vet if she doesn't stop soon. I think she may have eaten some Neosporin....idk though.

I miss Jersey (the state), though I never thought I'd say that or admit it.

And I'm reallyyy going to miss Jersey while I'm in Jersey. Camille is going to watch her for a few days while I'm home.

Maybe I'll edit this post later and make it more...significant and worth reading. I'm just out of steam right now.

xo Stace

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Je l'ai renconté :)

So, I've been debating writing something on my blog about what's been going on. I still haven't decided. I mean, Dana is really the only one who reads this, and she knows (I texted you during it :) ) and so I think it's OK to omit it from the blog. You can always ask me... I'll tell you in a private conversation but I don't want to publicize it on a blog. But what you need to know is that I think it's a good thing, I'm really exciting for it to continue and yeah. So we'll see. The more it develops, the more I'll probably talk about it on here.

I'm at school now, another 1.5hrs to waste before class. I dread this class every week. I don't understand what's going on, I sit there like a zombie and stare at my blank notebook, or I sit there and consider the different ways my classmates hold their pens... yeah. That's what it's like.

Then I have ANOTHER 3 hours of class, where I'm the assistant, and I just click the powerpoint slides when he tells me to. That's my function. I'm so unnecessary it's not even funny.

But other than that, all is pretty well. I still like teaching, despite one student who is giving me a hard time and testing my patience and professionalism. Friends and fam are good, both here and home. Jersey is good, she's super snuggly and I love her.

Miranda's have a huuuge Halloween party, I'm really excited. I know what I want to be but "plus sized" costumes aren't really plus sized, so I'm having some issues finding my "pièce de résistance" for my ensemble. I'll work it out though. I have some backup ideas, juuust in case. =]


xo Stace

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Il m'a quitté

I went a while with Internet, and then was super busy, so that's my excuse for lack of blogging.

This weekend was nuts. I spend Thursday night through Saturday morning with boy. We packed, we cleaned, we lifted. We got everything into the truck. We had the worst goodbye EVER, we had better goodbyes when we'd see each other the next day. I'll never see him again, probably. To answer D's question in my comments of the last post - he's moved 8+ hours away. He's not coming back to CT next year. I'm stuck in CT for another 1.5 years.. plenty of time for him to forget about me.

After I said goodbye, I drove to NJ. I spent the weekend with Stef, her dad and us went to the Bears@Giants game on Sunday. Giants won, woot woot! Stef and her dad are HUGE Bears fans and we always talked about how we had to go to the next Bears/Giants game together - and we made it happen! The new stadium is GORGEOUS.

We had fun. I got to see my mom for 45 minutes, so that was nice, too! I got home Monday afternoon, cuddled with my kitty, and did some HW.

SO MUCH HW. Which I'm currently avoiding by blogging.

Off to tackle some. <3

xo Stace

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mon chat!!!

FINALLY, I got to bring Jersey home. She's my cat. =D. She's 10, a DSH tortoiseshell. She's crazy cuddly and very docile.

She's amazing and perfect, besides the fact that she meows weird and hasn't gone to the bathroom yet.. and I've had her almost 36 hours.

I really don't know what I'm doing! Nobody in my immediately family is a cat person, my mom's allergic, and yeah. Never had a cat. So, my lovely cousin, Dana, has been answering my weird, random, "is this normal for a cat to..." questions. What a good sport. =]

My cat sleeps so CUTE. BRB taking a picture.

K. She naps on the corner of my bed nearest to my computer while I'm doing homework, blogging, and fbooking.  She also sheds A LOT.

My mom sent us a care package, with kitty treats, Stacey treats, some kitty toys and some Paris stuffs =] Thanks mama!!

We're still getting used to each other. She gets along well with my roommate, which is awesome. She kinda plays with toys and is always hungry. She sleeps a lot. My kind of cat.

Sad news, I'm kind of sick. Blah. At first I was worried I was allergic to Jersey.. but it can't be. I never sniffled once all those times I went to the shelter (and I was there for a solid 45 mins each time), and I spend about 6 hours each day at school, and I've been getting worse even when I'm there, away from her. It can't be it. Plus.. I'm sniffly and stuffy and mom gets itchy the second she is near a cat or in someone's house who has a cat, regardless if the cat is around. I'm not itchy at all.

Boy leaves Oct 2 or 3. One week. He's not around this weekend, either. So I'll prob never see him again. Ever.  Trying not to think about it...seems farther away than it really is.

Happy note... my cat's cute.

xo Stace

PS - One month until D's birthday, 2 til mine. =D

Monday, September 20, 2010

Quoi de neuf?

Just a few quick things.

1: I think I get my cat in a few days. WHO'S EXCITED. She's doing much better. Did I go into details about her on the blog? Idk if I did...but she was in a lot of pain from her tooth extractions and the shelter felt it was best to wait some more time before I took her home. I went to visit her both Saturday and Sunday, and the one day made such a difference... Sunday she was doing great and back to her normal self. I'm thinking I'll have her by Wednesday... hope so!

2: New blog! It's half an assignment...half something I really like the idea of. It's a teaching journal. Since it's an assignment... I'm being pretty strict about talking only about teaching, not being too witty or informal... and keeping it pretty boring. But after the assignment's over.. I'd like to share links and ideas and materials and it could be ridiculous amounts of fun. :) My Teaching Journal  .. if you're interested. Feel free to comment.

3: Things between boy and I have been pretty good the past week... but it's weird. It's like some higher power is building up our relationship right before it "ends" (ie. he moves). I can't help but think, the higher it's built up...the longer I'll fall in the end. But for right now, I'm enjoying the goodness between us. He's at the moment driving back to CT from his job interview in PA... If I didn't have to teach in 13 hours, I'd so be there waiting for him.

4: I changed the mp3 player to the left. It doesn't play once you come onto the page anymore... now you click a song in the playlist (which I've totally changed btw) and it starts the list from there.

That's all for now really. There's going to be an epic, picture-filled blog post soon, after I get my kittyshmittymeowmeow, poopsiesmooshkins.


xo Stace

Saturday, September 18, 2010

La tristesse

-Frustrated sigh of the century-

They told me I wouldn't still be overwhelmed after a few weeks. They're right. I'm not just still overwhelmed. I'M GOING NUTS. And I'm miserable.

-Boy's leaving, I think I have one more weekend with him for the rest of my life. I'll prob never see him again.

-I have to wait another week to get my kitty. I just want to snuggle her and forget the rest of the world for a little while.

-I have so much homework. And it's not like I feel relieved when I get something done, because there's just more waiting for me right after it.

-I'm TIRED and I don't feel refreshed when I wake up, but it feels so good when I lay down. WHY?

I'm just unhappy these days. But I try not to show it. I try my hardest to be a positive person. My friends and students and professors and everyone I interact with only sees a smiley Stacey. But lately...why kid myself? I'm not. And I don't know what to do about it. And if I did know, I'd probably be too tired or have zero desire to do it, because that's the type of mood I've been in. All summer I was bored to tears and wanted something to do. Now, I'm busy as f*ck and I have no drive to do anything.

I need to kick myself into shape, literally and figuratively.

But first, some sleep.

xo Stace


Miranda and I had a spur of the moment girls' night. We were in PJs, we did pore strips, watched a French movie, had some chocolate, boy talked, etc. I feel better.

Merci Miranda! Je suis chanceuse d'avoir une amie comme toi.

That was bad French. But whatever.

xo Stace

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Un chat!


So, if one is ultimately sad one night, and the next day, very excited, what does that mean? Am I balanced out now? Idk.

Sad news first. Boy is moving. Far, far away. I'm going to try and not cry as I write this, but it's going to be hard. I have waited the entire summer for him, he was busy and working and too much was going on for us to be officially "together." I got it. I understood. I waited, maybe not so patiently.. Finally, September came and the season ended. We immediately started spending more time together. It's been amazing <3. But, his job laid him off until April.. and well, he needs to move to where there's a job. And that's not here. Who knows what will happen.. but it's very likely that he'll be moving 8+ hours away. Too far. I could not be literal enough when I say I literally felt pain in my heart when he told me. I tried to be strong and not cry in front of him. I understand why he has to move. I just hate it. I don't want him to go. He's my rock to my not-so-rare freak-outs. He was here before school friends were made. And.. once he leaves, I'm going to feel very alone, despite my roommate and new friends. It's different. It sucks. Last night was rough.

There's even more heartbreaking elements to it, but that aren't suitable for a blog post, or anyone other than bffs or close cousins or a diary.

Better news: I went to the animal shelter today with Isis (a new school friend.. she's awesome!). We fell in love with kitties!! I applied for a gorgeous, 10-yr-old cat named Gwen. She's so friendly and affectionate and just ADORABLE. I'm so excited, and so is roomie! She just arrived at the shelter a few days ago, so once she goes to the vet for routine testing, hopefully coming out all healthy, gets a rabies shot, she's mine. If all goes well, she'll be mine by the end of the week! How exciting!! Isis also adopted a cat, but she won't have hers for at least a week or two, because she needs to be spayed.

Maybe it's not a dog, but I'm finally getting a pet. And I'll probably blog about her and our adventures together. And video chat with people and wave her paw hello and goodbye. And maybe, just maybe, Gwen (potentially being renamed, any suggestions? Olivia? Ophelia? Jersey?) will help fill a small part of the huge void that boy will leave me with when he's gone. She'll never replace him, but maybe she'll help me not feel alone in the world. We'll have each other.

And as my best friend and my cousin have mentioned.. this is probably the start of being a crazy cat lady. I hope not. Someone promptly let me know if it ever seems that way. Kthx.

In other news... grad school is still really hard. A lot of work. Too much reading. Too long of days. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays seem NEVER ending and Thursday nights when I crawl into bed at 9:45pm, I couldn't be happier to be in BED. I feel like old. And tired. And blah.

Alright, updates later... hopefully happier ones.

xo Stace

Friday, September 3, 2010


As promised, a real blog post. I needed to play with my Mac for a bit and get some much needed sleep before doing this.

Soo. I'm still overwhelmed since the last post, for reasons within the last post. I'm a bit more comfortable with things now, but still very overwhelmed. Here's something, though:

I LOVE TEACHING. I've only had two classes so far, but I have a great group of students and all has gone extremely well.

I'm overwhelmed with my 3 grad classes and the amount of work they entail. Only one of them is in French, which right now, I'm wayyy thankful for. The French one is driving me crazy, and I've only had one class. And in general, I have a TONN of reading to do, and stuff I actually have to read...not undergrad textbook bs that I could easily not read and get the same info from paying attention in class. Grr.

I also really love my Mac. A lot.

What else to say? My week only consists of TWTh and I feel like I've been in school for a straight month without leaving my tired, and it's grossly hot, and busy and overwhelming. I need a vacay. Or three years to catch up on my reading.

Now that I have a wonderful Mac and an awesome webcam, I could potentially vlog. Maybe. On a good hair day.

xo Stace

Thursday, September 2, 2010



Guess what?!





Real blog post later.

xo Stace

Friday, August 27, 2010

Et il commence..

I can't believe I'm blogging. You know why? Well, I'll tell you. Because I'm SO extremely: 1. busy 2. tired 3. tired. 4. busy 5. overwhelmed and 6. tired.

Let's recap the last week. I got home after work at 2AM Friday morning. I slept for a few hours, only to be up at the asscrack of dawn to get the worst manicure I've ever gotten in my life, followed by a long Walmart run, more driving on the worst road ever created, Rt 95, checking into a hotel, rehearsing a wedding, and going to a dinner with a billion people and even more driving. After very little sleep in my allergen-filled home, I once again had to be up before 7 to get my hair done (which would proceed to fall every 4 minutes despite the can and a half of hairspray and the 6,000 bobbypins in it). Then we had to drive BACK to the hotel, we had, oh, say, an hour? for both me and my mother to dress for the wedding, only for us to sit in the insanely hot reception hall while everyone else took pictures. Fortunately, there was complimentary champagne to drink on an empty stomach. Proceed with the ceremony, my shoes being too small, and the reception, which included amazing hors d'oeuvre, 7+ cosmos, more champagne, wine, and my good ol' friend, Jack Daniels. The bartender was my bff after the first hour. What was his name again? Anywho. The hotel beds were phenomenal, however, I only got to spend a few hours in them, just to be up bright and early for breakfast

I then drove to my alma mater, to see my bff, where we did nothing for about 4 hours and then went to eat. I left about 2 hours later than I wanted to, and of course, on my way back to CT, the sky just opened up and RAINED. Like, really really really rained. Hard. I got into CT, still 2 hours from home, and pulled over. I paid an astronomical amount of money for a cheeseburger while I waited for the rain to not stop. I finally mustered up some courage along with the heartburn, and went off again. I got about 30 miles until I hit traffic, on my good friend, Rt 95. I was only about 5 miles from my exit. But I sat in that traffic for TWO HOURS, only inching about two miles in those two hours.Of course, during those two hours of not moving, the rain stopped completely, only starting again when the traffic broke. I'm not even remotely joking, either.

I got home at 2am, having to be up, dressed, presentable and professional at 7:30am. WTF. Here starts Monday morning, my first day of orientation.

So, I knew I was going to be a TA. But I came from a school that didn't have TAs, in fact, they actually BOASTED that they didn't have TAs. So are TAs bad? I hope not. But anyway. I have no past experience to gauge my future on. I thought I'd be grading papers and tests, maybe taking attendance, you know. Doing the bitch work for a professor. Well, I was half right. I still get to do all the bitch work. But I also get to teach. Like, really teach. Like, I have my own class that I teach 100% of the time, MY class, MY students. Zero professor involvement. WHAT!? So I find this out on Monday. I think it's grad school orientation, you know, a campus tour, how to register, etc. Nope, it's a TA orientation, how to teach, how to do professor things, etc. WHAT!? Ahhh. So I was in freak-out/still-tired-from-the-wedding mode for 3/4 of the day. I finally started to feel better about things. Then they told me I would be a TA for a second class. WHAT!? But for this one, the professor teaches and I really am just doing the bitch work. I wasn't alone, I've made some great friends/colleagues so far and we've had a lot of fun despite our sleep-deprived overwhelmedness. Two of the other new French TAs live in my town, less than a mile from me. I get to work directly with legit French people, and the languages department in general ROCKS. We had an "I will survive" party last night. It was awesome. The people being wonderful and the home feeling, and the I'm-not-in-this-alone feeling is very, very needed and calming. 

So, recap: Wedding was great but tiring, driving sucks immensely, school is overwhelming, busy, but I have great people to work with. 

Classes start Monday, but I have Mondays and Fridays off (how awesome did THAT work out?!) so Tuesday at 11am, I'm teaching my first French class, then taking my first grad class, then TAing my first class.

Wish me luck.

xo Stace

Monday, August 16, 2010

Quelqu'un aimer

Just a quickie today, butttt. I'm in a great mood. I know from the past, it seems like I'd never been in a good mood ever again. But alas, I am.

Things with boy have VASTLY improved. We spent a great weekend together, and we didn't even have the weekend off of work. We didn't go out or anything.. we just spent two nice nights together and it was just.. nice. We rented a movie we didn't watch.. I just attempted to watch it... it was horrible, I couldn't get through it.

In other news, I'm having the hardest time EVER finding a planner that I like and isn't $3,034,095. Ugh.

The real reason for this blog post is that I wanted to give a shoutout to my friend, Melanie. She's been one of my close friends since the 5th grade. We've fallen out of touch the past few years, with our lives going in different directions, but every once in a while we have an hour-long Facebook chat that's filled with tons of  lmfao's and omg's. We had one of those chat's recently, and she told me she started a blog that's going to follow her new diet. I'm excited for her, she's so enthusiastic and motivated.

So here, Smelly (don't ask... hahah), I wish you the best of luck, I know you're going to do great!!  Everyone should read her blog, follow it, and comment/motivate her. Melanie's Journey

With that done, I'm going to head out.

xo Stace

PS - 5 days until the wedding, 7 days until orientation, 13 days until work ends, and 14 days until classes start

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Je vous ai promis..

A while back I promised you some photos of my apartment. Here they are! We'll do the upstairs first.

This is my bedroom. That bed took me 3 weeks and a lot of angry phone calls to get. But it's preetttttty :). And my bookshelf of clutter, and my computer desk. And my crafty wall art. My room is pretty huge... I should show you my closet space, that alone is probably bigger than my dorm room at Rider.

Look! I have a linen closet!! The shelf with the white bucket thing and the one underneath it are mine =].

My upstairs bathroom! The shower curtain was graciously donated by my future sister-in-law, Erica. In between the bathroom and the linen closet is my roommate's room.

Let's go downstairs!

Those are my stairs, and my wobbly banister. And that's my front door that we never use! =] Just to the right of my door way is my ...

Living room! Do you like our cheapo couch covers? They are just top sheets. Legit sofa covers are really expensive, it's nuts. It's okay though, I don't feel so bad when I spill stuff on them =P. Oh, and don't notice the Disney channel on the TV. Next!

Dining room! My really ghetto card table/chairs.. but they serve the purpose. And the hideous, hideous table cloth that I only picked because it was $4. And, I already melted a hole through it, but it's flipped, so we're all good in the hood.

My back door and my little patio area. We don't have anything back there though. But we park back there, even though I don't think we're supposed to. It's much closer/easier. Come visit me and you'll see why.

And last but not least...

My kitchen! It looks tiny here... but it's actually quite spacious. And to the left of the microwave/toaster oven tower is a little bathroom (and I mean little). But it's cute and yay =]. It has one of those little sliding doors that always get stuck in the wall.

But yeah, that's my apartment in a nutshell! I like it a lot =]. Come visit me!

xo Stace

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ce sentiment

Do you ever have that feeling that you're bored, like crazy, crazy bored and would do anything short of kill to have something to do? But really, you could write a to-do list a mile long, but nothing on your to-do list sounds appealing and you'd rather be bored senseless then do what you SHOULD be doing?

That is how I've felt, for almost a month. I'm in this weird place where it feels like a lot is going on yet my life feels like it's at a standstill.

I've never really been a fan of summer. I don't look good in summer outfits (ie bathing suits, tank tops, shorts, etc), I hate bugs, bees, and humidity, and I hate sweating and feeling gross. And now being in my own apartment, I hate it being hot and then having to pay an astronomic electric bill because I just want to sleep with some A/C on. I can't wait for the weather to cool down. I crave for the days where hot tea is enjoyable and making dinner doesn't make you feel like you need a shower when you're done. Summer puts me in a pissy mood in general, and this summer is no exception.

Work is getting to me a little bit, but I really don't have anyone to talk to about it. I used to, and it was great, but that venting source was cut off unexpectedly. Stef tries to listen, and it helps a little, but it's better when the people you're venting to know who you're venting about, you know. I only have a couple more nights of work left, anyway, but it feels endless.

The wedding is in 10 days.. woo. It's really the last thing in the world I want to hear about. I've been pretty uninvolved for the last year and then some.. yet now we have just over a week left and people all of a sudden care what I think.

Oh, and boys suck. A lot.

I also have been experiencing the worst cabin fever ever. I want to go out and be a 22 yr old so bad! But I don't know anybody here, and I don't want to be that creepy want-to-be-cool-but-really-a-loser fat girl who goes to a bar alone and tries to talk to people. I only know two people here my age... my roommate, who is nice and great to live with but she has a boyfriend and she's already started her classes, and we barely see each other. And the other, well he's made it quite clear to me that I'm strictly his maid and nothing else (don't ask, just don't).

So to wrap it up, I'm in a crappy mood. And I probably will be until August 30. I miss my friends, I miss having said friends be a short drive away. I miss doing things. I miss speaking French. I miss 50 degree weather. I'm hating watching my friends' lives be awesome via Facebook while mine reeks of boring and Connecticut.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

J'ai décidé!

Alrighty folks (or folk.. I'm pretty sure the only person who reads this is D),

I've decided on my new blog, finally! As you know, I recently moved into my first apartment (it's been a little over a month - feels like a decade!) and I haven't been able to get a dog yet. Or a Mac. And I haven't really met any people. Everything I wanted to make my Jersey in Connecticut blog about fell through. But you know what the one thing that I do every day, consistently? I cook. And I cannot wait to cook every day. But I'm not gourmet by any means. I'm cheap, I use store brand products and I google recipes. I do know that I love food, and I can admit when my own food tastes like crap. Oh, and I like to take pictures and write. So, my friend(s)/cousin, I'm going to do a cooking blog. Hopefully what I have in mind for my "twist" on the cooking blog will set it apart from others. And I really need to figure out how to get my blog titles more searchable on Google. :)

Other than that, things have been okay in CT. I miss my friends dearly. I miss having them within drivable distance. I have seen Stef literally just about every single day of the past 2 years, and I'm going over a month now without seeing her. It's nuts. I miss my mom, too. And I'm sad because I missed out on some family events...a funeral (not really an event, but I still missed it), Leah's birthday party, a friend's baby shower, a trip to visit my mom's side of the family. It sucks. I hate missing out.

What else? I love my apartment/condo. My job truly starts at the end of next week. Things with boy are a little weird, for lack of a better word (or maybe I just think they are...idk). Maybe "unsure" is a better word.. some days are great and other days could be better.

Tomorrow is also father's day. Ugh. The past few years, I haven't done well on that day. I tend to be a hermit and hole up in my bed all and hug one of the last stuffed animals he gave me. I make bad food decisions and watch sad movies.

I'm going to end this on a positive note, though: Stef and Cassie are coming to visit me for the midnight release of Eclipse! Woo!

Okay, catch ya later, and keep an eye peeled for my new blog.

xo Stace

PS - Starting a new blog does not mean this one is caput. It's just slow, because, well, not much is going on for me at the moment. And, once I make my bed and clean my rooms and such, now that I'm finally all unpacked and have all will come. =].

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Je cherche un boulot!

Ah, le sigh.

It shoulddd be a lazy Saturday (it kind of is, but I'd like to go back to sleep). I'm at the boy's currently. He works for a minor league baseball team, and his stadium is having a job fair today. Since I've had minimal luck with other applications, I'm going to attend and apply to be a bartender / box seating waitress for the games. It's like a 30 minute drive from my apartment, so the 8 bucks an hour really isn't worth it..but it's better than the nothing I'm currently making. I knew the job market was bad..but I didn't think that meant like minimum wage cashier jobs, too. I thought it only was tight for suit-wearing jobs. This sucks!

So, because I'm currently jobless and junk, I've had some time to think about the blog. Since a lot of my plans fell through (getting a dog right now, etc) I won't launch a new blog. I had one I was working on, but I'm going to nix it. I think I might remain themeless for the time being, but I have been doing an awful lot of cooking lately. Boy lovesss it when I cook for him, and it's cheaper than going out to eat. In the WEEK (omg) since I've been a CT resident, I've made a lot of dished I never even thought of attempting. Like calzones. They're REALLY (like obnoxiously) easy but I never knew that until I tried. Or rice and quesadillas. I've had it a million times..but have I ever made it? Nope. Or toaster oven French bread pizza. Yum!  Back to the point.. I've been taking pictures with my phone of my dishes to send to Mom and I was thinking about posting them. Yep..they're messy plates, crappy quality pictures...but fun nonetheless.

I might start that next time. I'm excited for what he's going to ask me to make him next. It's sounds kind of masochistic. I cook for him, do his dishes, swiffer his floors and make his bed.. but you know what? I don't mind. I get to spend time with him and I get to sleep in an actual bed, instead of the air mattress that currently inhabits my bedroom. Yeah, Sears was supposed to deliver my mattress on Thursday. However, they are incompetent and despite their confirmation call the night before, my mattress will not arrive until NEXT Thursday. I am NOT happy.

But yes, I've got to get ready for this job fair. Wish me luck!

xo Stace

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Je suis diplomée!

Hii. Okay, so I'm in MY apartment this time. I still don't have cable or Internet ... I'm currently stealing wireless from a neighbor..shhh. I feel like I've spent a ton of time unpacking...yet you should see the crap all over my room. The kitchen is just about done (but not), my room is a disaster! I don't get my bed til Thursday..and unfortunately, a lot revolves around the bed! Once I get everything in its place, there WILL be pictures, I promise.

So, whoa, look at me, all college-educated! I graduated college. I never thought it would actually happen, but it did. I'm not sure if it's entirely hit me yet. I don't think I've been away from it long enough yet.. I still feel like this move is a long weekend. I feel weird putting my stuff in cabinets and clothes in the closet... I keep telling myself this is only temporary. Yeah, I highly doubt (and hope) this isn't the house that I'll live in for the majority of my life, so this move isn't permanent..but so far, I like it and I want to be here for a while. I guess the past few years and all the moving I did has scarred me.

Here's some pics from grad:

I started my job hunt yesterday. I applied to about 7 places. I would have done more, but some of the places didn't have any positions or couldn't find their I really want to be a part of that anyway? I also e-mailed a few people on Craigslist, too..maybe they will pull through? IDK, but I need something, FAST!

And, I know this will probably wear off, but I LOVE to cook! I love having a kitchen. Granted, the only thing I've made in MY kitchen is mac n cheese...but I cooked for boy a few times. A. He loves my cooking, B. I love my cooking, and C. I don't feel like I'm eating mass-cooked, processed, laxative-laced food! Woo!

Alright, hopefully I can finish unpacking today. But I suppose I have to start before I finish, huh?

xo Stace

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Il se passe..

It's happenning. Holy cow. Breathe, hee hee hoo.

So, I'm currently at boy's apartment. He's at work. It's my first morning being a CT resident, and I'm not even at my own apartment. Let's back up and I'll tell you why.

We left about 4 hours later then we wanted to yesterday morning. We hit MASSIVE traffic and the 3.5 hour drive took about 5 hours. We were all tired, cranky, sweaty, and lazy before we even unloaded everything from the three cars. Boy was subjected to the chaos of my mother/family and I hadn't even had the chance to give a proper hello after two months of not seeing him, so I was nervous about that. However, he's still speaking to me after the family Walmart trip which included hours and two full shopping carts, so, I think we're OK. BTW - Super Walmart's are amazing. I'm thoroughly excited about it.

So far, I think I've only forgotten minimal things at home, like my white Old Navy flip flops and my toothpaste. But I haven't really unpacked much, so I'm not sure. I also forgot to buy some stuff, like hand soap and dish sponges, but I also bought so much and tempers were high, so to even think about it at that point would have been crazy.

Rayica left after putting together some stuff we bought. Boy, mommy and I had a great dinner at the Willimantic Brew Pub, then mom headed home, and I went to unpack a teensy bit more, and then I drove to boy's. :).

Here I am, waiting for him to get back from work so I can make him breakfast (it's the least I can do... he totally put up with a lot yesterday).

The last few days were crazy! I went from waking up at noon, brushing my teeth and hair, going to class and work, and being back in my dorm for a nap by 8. Now? Up at somewhere between 5 -7am all week for appointments, graduations, etc etc after staying up late to say goodbye to my friends, packing, lifting, moving, allergies..OMG. Just too much in a short amount of time. I think once I'm unpacked, I'll breathe.Melissa moves in on Tuesday glad we didn't move on the same day, it would have been a war zone.

This post is getting long...I'll do another about graduation and the apartment in a few days, with pictures of course!

xo Stace

PS - I won the giveaway on Dana's blog!!! THANKS! So excited.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


So I know it's been a while. Not much to say, really.

Graduation and moving in two weeks, woo! But it's getting super close and the scariness I haven't yet experienced is setting in. Money sucks, a LOT. A lot a lot. The chance of getting a dog now is slim, and it really upsets me! =[.

I have a paper and a final on Tuesday, and one on Thursday. Then I move out of Rider for good (at least that's positive).

I'm trying really hard to not be a Negative Nancy. But it's hard not to be when it's like 108 billion degrees in your dorm room and yesterday sucking put you in a terrible mood.


Okay, I'm going before this post gets worse haha.

xo Stace

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Et tout tombe..

Since my last post, my life has been six letters. STRESS.

I'm not going to go into great detail, but just a lot of things have been eh lately. Money, mostly. I don't have a lot of time to get it together and have everything figured out, and the pressure is on. My options are extremely limited and I have a ton to think about.

The chances of me adopting a dog in the near future are greatly dropping, and it's really upsetting me. Maybe there will be a turn of events, but right now, it's not looking good. Maybe in a few months it'll be different. Also, I desperately want a Mac, because my computer is turning into crap not-so-slowly and surely, but I'm afraid I'll have to make do for a while longer. =\.

On the bright side, I got my moving date, and it happens to be the day after I graduate. As much as I'm looking forward to it, that week(end) is going to be CRAZY. Moving out of Rider the first Saturday or Sunday, doctor and dentist appointments that Monday, getting my car into the mechanic for who knows how many days, packing up all of my stuff and it needs to be loaded into the car and ready to go by say Wednesday night.That Thursday my mom graduates, Friday is my graduation, Saturday is moving day. Sunday is unpacking and Monday starts my new life. Evan's coming home that weekend, I'm so excited! I thought he might not be able to make it, so I'm really happy he'll be there. =]. 

Whew. I have a lot to do, a lot to arrange and figure out, and even more to think about! Oh, and I still have three papers to go.

23 days til graduation. :D

xo Stace

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Une vidéo pour vous!


So I'm really excited right now for a number of reasons. Ready?

One: I'm currently in Cassie's room, blogging!
Two: I'm using Cassie's Mac!
Three: Cassie, on her Mac, made a video of some footage that we made while in Europe (remember that Vlog I mentioned way back when and never happened? Well, it kiiiinda did). I JUST saw it for the first time, and I loooove it. I just uploaded it to YouTube. I'm going to link to it at the end of this post. :)
Four: I got that mock OPI out of the way this morning. I felt like I did HORRRRRRIBLE. Like, truly terrible.  However, Dr. P-T said I did fine and did well, and gave me some constructive criticism. She let me borrow some tapes (VHS, lol) and gave me some ways to boost my French during the summer.

I have no plans for the weekend. I guess I could write some papers. But I probably won't. Sen10ritis at its best.

Um, what else? Not sure. But I'm really excited for this video. Watch it all the way through, it's amazing.

xo Stace

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Je serai diplomée bientôt!

Today is exactly one month until graduation day. THANK GOD! Also, today is Nanny's 86th birthday, and a ton of other people's birthdays. Go you!

I picked up my cap and gown today. It's real, it's actually happening! I'll have a degree! Omg! They gave us a whole bunch of other free stuff. A membership card to the Alumni Assoc, a business card holder, magnets, pins, license plate covers, financial aid paperwork, etc etc etc! So much stuff. It's all exciting and only a wee bit overwhelming. I'm officially 3 papers away from being done with this semester. Woo! If you can't tell, I can't wait at all. I'm so ready. I was walking past where the ceremony will be, and I just kept imagining it, with a huge smile on my face. I need to figure out the best hair style for a grad cap, though. High school's didn't work so well, lol.

On Friday morning, I have to do this mock OPI. The real OPI is an oral proficiency interview where you talk to an interviewer on the phone in French for about a half hour, and they evaluate your level. I have no reason  to take it at this point, because I don't want to go into teaching right now (it's a state requirement of those intending to teach a language). My prof is "making" me do this though. I haven't spoken my true level of French since early December. I'm not in a French class this semester, so my only French usage has been some tutoring of level 1. I'm so rusty, and really nervous that this test won't be a real evaluation of how I can speak. I wish I was able to do it last semester. Grr.

I really want to make it to point to see all my friends and take tons of pictures before graduation. There are so many people I really don't get to see all that much, and I want to have a ton of pictures! It feels like my last chance. One more month to see everyone! The good thing is, that most of my friends are friends with each other, too, so we can probably do it in one or two shots and get everyone in. :D.

And, I really want a Mac. BAD. I know exactly which one I want. I just need the money. I put a whole bunch of new pics on Facebook just now (more coming, too) from Photobooth on Cassie's. They are SO funny. :D

Here's a pic I Picnik'd of Steffy and me!

xo Stace

Sunday, April 11, 2010

C'est bizarre

I'm a weird mood.

This weekend was at least something different from the usual! Friday, after Stef got out from her RD interview (good luck Steffy!!!) we went to Toms River to her mom's house! Her mom's church was having a Ladies' Night function and her mom asked us to stop by. It was really nice, but we had to go to a praise and worship portion of the night and I found it so awkward and overwhelming. I do not want to offend Stef or her mom or anyone, but I hate feeling under pressure to be religious and to accept God and become Christian. I know that Stef doesn't (always) do it on purpose but I felt so cornered and put on the spot.. if anything, it moved me farther away from religion. If it's going to come to me, it's not going to be pushed.

The rest of the night was fun and it was a really nice thing for the church to do. I love it when people who really need it are helped. They had professionals donate time to give free manis and pedis, haircuts, let people leave with whole outfits and purses, lots of food, etc. It was really nice. After, we went back to Stef's mom's house. I like it there! Her family is so nice, and so is their house. Very cute and comfy. Their dog, Rocky hated me for the first 12 hours but he came around =P. Such a cute fluffball, an American Eskimo. We got some Yellow Brick Road ice cream and I fulfilled my 2-week+ craving of coffee ice cream with Oreo. Her mom's guestroom bed is AMAZINGLY comfortable, words can't describe. Saturday, we hung out with her Nanny (who so adorable!) and stopped at Stef's dad's house, said hi and hung out for a bit with her sister, then headed back to school.

Best part of the weekend: I was walking down to breakfast at Stef's mom's, and I missed and fell down like 3-4 hardwood steps and landed into a doorknob. I brushed and laughed it off, it really didn't hurt that bad then, but I'm so feeling it! My arm has like a 7inch purple, grey, yellow, blue bruise and my right kneecap hurts and ugh! I feel terrible.

Last night I hung out with Stef and Anson (aww) for a little, then Cassie, Kendall and I went to the movies and saw The Last Song. I read the book and cried for like, days. I really wanted to see the movie, I generally love Miley Cyrus. The movie was eh, they left SO much out from the book, like cut out crucial characters and events. It was a little frustrating, but it was a decent movie, I suppose.

Today, Ray and Erica came over to Rider so I could sign my taxes, then we walked around the mall (I got a SUPER cute tank from Old Navy for 5 bucks! Totally wearing it tomorrow) and we went out to lunch at Chevy's. I came back, talked to Joe for a bit, took a nap, and went out to get some dinner, and here I am! I have a paper due on Tuesday, but not much drive to do it. I'll probably put it off 'til tomorrow night.

Gonna go do some more of nothing :).

xo Stace

PS - I cannot wait until I get a Mac. Hopefully ASAP. <3.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nancy Négative

I'm iffy about this weather. It's nice to not have to carry a sweatshirt or coat with me anymore (although I always feel like I'm forgetting something when I leave my room). And, it definitely feels nice to be outside in nice weather. Like 75-80, no humidity and a slight breeze. Perfect. Unfortunately, that combination rarely happens.

But when it's TOO hot, too muggy...ew. I hate being sweaty and frizzy and gross. I also absolutely detest bugs. I feel like I need to shower every ten minutes.

I was excited about flip flops, but I realized how much they hurt my feet and back after walking around in them allll day.  My tank tops have proven to be too low-cut so I have to keep my eye on my shirt to make sure my bra isn't completely hanging out. I have an arm thing (you know, everyone has that ONE part of their body that they are self-conscious about?) so whenever I go sleeveless or cap sleeves, I have to wear a shrug or something, so I'm usually even hotter because of the layers.

And my hair. Oh, my poor hair. I'm not even getting into that.

Stef and I decided that there is a positive correlation between the temperature rising and the shortness of skirts. Oh, oh, my favorite are the sluts who layout side the dorms in bikinis, on towels. Like they're at the beach or something.

Needless to say, I'm in a bad mood. I'm stressed out but I really don't have a reason to be. I probably shouldn't be blogging in this mood, but I kinda wanted to.

PS - My new blog is coming together! I think I found a layout I'm in love with! I'm going to start posting there and filling in the'll be launched soon!

xo Stace

Monday, April 5, 2010

Alerte d'intello!

This title translation is for D. "Nerd Alert!" (PS - it took me crazy long to find a decent translation for "nerd." Not an easy task as I thought it would be!)

Alrighty. So I'm sitting in the Fine Arts building at school, in a new tech-savvy computer lab with soundproof rooms and's kinda fun but also a tad creepy. I guess you have to be here to understand. But this will be a relatively quick blog post, because, well, it's creepy and my next class in is 20 minutes.

So I spent this weekend in good ol' Sparta. No, not Greece. I wish! However, Sparta, NJ is the home of my cousin (DeenutsDana!). She invited me to come up for a Girls' Night with her sister Adriana, her daughter Leah, and her sister-in-law Christie. We all got kinda drunk (except Leah and Christie. Leah went to sleep and Christie got shit-faced) and had a blast whilst dying Easter eggs.

 New definition of Hulk Hands.
By the way, I dyed the most amazing egg ever dyed ever. I'm kind of upset that it was needed for Easter Sunday deviled eggs. =[. But, I documented it before we shelled it. Thank goodness for camera phones.

                                           I wonder if ShopRite will pay me for this pic.

I also had some fun with Dana's pets, Ruby and Penny (even though Ruby was a little naughty and Penny did try to assassinate me once or twice). Here's Ruby (isn't she adorable!):

I also had the fascination of learning that toddlers sleep butt-in-the-air. Proof:

And, Leah still uses the elephant towel we got her before she was born :). It's ridiculously adorable...

See? And, then Easter morning finally came. Leah had the most fun with her spinny toy thing, and she was fascinated with learning how to open an egg carton.

Sunday, we went to Zio Enzo's (savvy Italian there, if you missed it), had ridiculous amounts of food. He even made his meatballs, which I have loved since about, oh I'd say, birth. I was the only Favoch there, but it was okay. I had a ton of fun! But, since I had about a 2-hour drive back and a huge test (that I just took), I had to leave, but not before one last pic:

She's smiling in a picture (you have no idea how hard that is)! Yay!

Okay, class starts in 3 minutes. I just took a killer test, I'm hoping I pulled an A-, but I think it was more like a B, maybe a B+. I have a feeling D will make fun of that in my comments. Only time will tell, though. =P.

Blog ya l8r.

xo Stace


So I'm fixing the pics in this post so I figured I'd update a little more. I went to class and saw Steffy! Yay. I haven't really talked to her since Friday, which doesn't seem long, but it is for us. We decided we're going to each get another tattoo before I move to CT. I'm not totally sure what I want yet, I'm between a few ideas.

To make my day a little brighter, some girls who are running for SGA spots just came to my door with candy and a frisbee. So I'm eating a little chocolate I probably don't need and my future Fido is getting a toy. Woo!

I also just started setting up my new blog. I'll give some more information on it soon, the ideas are still in my head and will eventually be in the form of a blog.

So, that paper due tomorrow still isn't started. I guess I should probably go do that before I start putzing around on the Internet!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trop Occupée!

So, it's been a while, and I've been threatened to colored Easter eggs in my face if I don't update. And since my options for the day are to write a paper and blog, clearly blogging won =P.

Anywho, so many great things have happened since my last post. The UConn situation was a bit bumpy, but has improved immensely. Things with boy are still great, he met my mom for a spur-of-the-moment dinner and we had a great time.. it wasn't totally awkward and Mom likes him, so yay! And he's still talking to me, so that's always a good sign. He's moving to CT on Thursday, and his apartment will be >30 mins away from mine in May. Oh, right, I found an apartment! Tomorrow I'll complete the rental application and send it in. Also found a roommate, her name is Melissa and she's not psycho! Thank goodness. Assuming the application process goes well, we'll be moving around May 16-18th, so yeah, clear your schedules so you can help me =P (Really, if you can help, I'll need you!). I'm so happy things are falling into place, all I need now if for the next 7 weeks to FLY.

In the last week, I've been in five states (MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE) and have passed by 3 football stadiums multiple times (Patriots, Giants, Eagles). I'm totally sick of being in cars. Accordingly,  my mom has my car for the next few days =[. Dear Mom, please don't ruin her. Kthx, Stacey.  And, yay, I get to see Dana, Leah, and Adj on Friday, so I better have my car back.

In other news, Thursday will officially be one month that I haven't had soda. It hasn't been terrible..once in a while I crave it. But I think that after a little while, I'm going to let myself have it once in a while. But I want to see how long I can go without it. A few people have commented that I lost a little weight (even though I don't believe them).

I'm kind of dreading the week ahead. Despite having two classes canceled because Dr. Sullivan is in Paris (lucky!), I have a paper due on Wednesday that I haven't even looked at, a presentation on Thursday, and I missed a class last week so I need to catch up on notes (it's one of those classes that the PowerPoints mean nothing unless you're in class where he explains them). A test and another paper or two due next week..argh =[. I'm so over this. The only thing keeping me sane is the promise of ..... just a few more weeks.

(it's the UConn mascot logo. Go Huskies!!)

xo Stace

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chez moi


I JUST got back from the Boston area. I spent 5 days/4 nights there, with boy. It was a really good time. I like him a lot! I think we progressed a little in where we stand, or at least I hope so. The drive there was treacherous and rainy and omg. I was terrified! I "made" him drive everywhere we went the whole weekend, thank goodness. We did quite a lot, even though I told him he really didn't need to entertain me. We ate out quite a bit, did a ton of shopping (from Walmart necessities to outlet mall browsing), we went to the movies and saw She's Out of My League, which was hysterical and totally worth the money, we got some amazing ice cream at a place called Sully's, we went into Lowell, the Skybox bar, bowling, umm, I know there's more! We did so much and I had a ton of fun! =]. Yay, boys don't suck today.

The drive home seemed like forever and never ending, though. PS - NYC drivers shouldn't be allowed on major highways, just saying... (No offense if you weren't on 95S tonight)

I'm home for the night, doing some laundry and hopefully catching up on sleep. Tomorrow, I'm going to the mall with my mom to try and do some dress shopping for her for the wedding, and then I'm heading up to Dana's! I'm so excited, I get to see D and Adriana and Leah and everyone, and a totally fun slumber party awaits.

Then, home again Saturday night to get all packed and ready to go. Heading up to Ray's and then going up to UConn on Sunday morning for a campus tour and some apartment hunting. Thankfully, I'm NOT driving. Woo. <3.

Okay, I know this wasn't really a significant blog post, but I'm beat. I think I'm going to head to bed. Early-ish day again tomorrow. Pictures from D's and UConn coming! <33

xo Stace

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Je sais qu'il me regarde..

I don't know what to say in this post. I feel like I need to update the blog, but I'm not sure with what.

Oh, here's something. When driving with Stef the other day to Petsmart, we passed a Ms. Locksmith's truck. I could have sworn I knew that truck. I called my mom, and yep. They were my dad's good friends, some people he had helped out a lot. It was weird to see them around school, I'm pretty sure their company is based elsewhere. I guess maybe it was a sign from above? :).

Ooh, speaking of signs, The originally $20 UConn shirt at Old Navy was marked down to $4.49. I guess I made the right decision!

My week has been alright, nothing fancy. Spring break for me officially started Wednesday, but I've been hanging out on campus for work. I'm going home tomorrow afternoon and spending a little bit of time with Momma. On Sunday, I'm driving up to Boston to see the boy. I'll be up there for a few days before I come back down, which when I'll most likely go see my fabulous cousin Dana! Woo. Then back down home to hopefully get ahead on some homework. The NEXT Sunday, Mom, Ray, Erica, and I are heading up to UConn for a campus tour and to check out the area. I found a few apartments I'm interested in, so maybe I'll be able to check them out.

In other news, I think I'm falling in love with Lady Antebellum. So far, their CD is fantastic! It's just enough country to sound good but not enough to be weird.

Don't pictures like this just make you smile? I took this with my phone, it was in an arrangement on Betty's desk a while ago. <3.

xo Stace

Monday, March 8, 2010

Je suis obligée...

I had to. It's hysterical. Mean girls mixed with Disney Princesses! <33


After you recover from that, here's a blog post. 2 Days in a row, woo!!

Today was a decent day, despite the paper from last night that I still haven't written (which I should be doing now!) and the headache I'm currently fighting. But, let's see, I had a pretty productive up early, did some last minute homework, straightened my hair, relaxed. Went to both classes, then worked til about a half hour ago, then visited Steffy. She's going to apply to a grad school in CT! She's looking into a school that's about an hour away from UConn, so if she decides to go, we could live together about halfway from each and still be fine (even though I'd ideally like to live much closer, I'd do it for her!).

On Sunday, my mom, Ray, Erica, and I are heading to UConn for a tour. Should be fun! It'll be the first time seeing the campus - so basically I'll spend my Spring Break (next week) researching for every piece of information ever on UConn. I'm such a Hermione =P.

UConn is also having an off-campus housing fair on the 24th, so I'm going to miss class for it and head up there.. hopefully my mom and Stef will come, I realllllly don't want to go by myself for a few reasons: 1. I don't wanna make the trip alone, and 2. I know nothing about renting an apartment, the lingo, landlords, anything. Advice welcome!!

So I think I should probably stop blogging and start writing that paper. Blah.

xo Stace

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Je veux un chiot!


So, somebody anonymously asked on my formspring why I don't update my blog. So here I am, updating my blog.

Do I have big news? Heck yeah! I've officially been accepted into the University of Connecticut for graduate school, to pursue my M.A. in French. The offer is TOO good to refuse - they've offered me a T.A. assistantship that has a nice stipend, health insurance, an opportunity to maybe teach summer classes, as well as spend some time in Paris. I accepted it without hearing back from BC, but since then I have heard..I didn't get into their program. It's never a good feeling to not get "accepted" - but I'm OK with it. There wasn't really a good chance that even if I did get into BC, that they'd give me half the offer that UConn did. So, I am truly happy.

Since accepting UConn's offer, I've kind of have HUGE cabin fever at Rider. I can't get off campus enough! It's still a little over 9 weeks til graduation - that's over two months, it feels so far away. I'm ready to move on, ready to go to Connecticut NOW. I'll move the day after graduation if I can.

I plan to get my own apartment and, finally, a DOG! I realllllly want a puppy, however I'm not stupid enough to realize that I'd have the time to train and help a puppy grow - I'll most likely be by myself, working and school - it'd be cruel to not attend to a puppy 24/7. I'm looking to rescue a dog that's at least a year old who is crate trained. Of course there are so many different dog types that I'd prefer, and I have been doing my research on good apartment dogs and such, but I think once I'm finally all moved in, I will head to a shelter and rescue a dog. Unless, of course, I can find someone who's giving away puppies for free, because money will definitely be an issue. I might end up getting a cat/kitten, because they are generally cheaper. But I want a companion, not a moody cat that uses me for food. =D. I also think that when I finally get my own apartment and pet and such, that will be my blog theme. Kinda "Adapting to CT - and Rover" type of thing. I think it has potential to be fun, interesting, informative, and maybe could open some doors, who knows.

I'll also look for another summer job (nothing crazy - I'd be happy working crazy hours in retail or a restaurant) to make extra bucks to help get ahead with rent and pet costs. I'd love to move to CT no later than the beginning of August, just to give me a month to settle in, get comfortable with the area, etc...but ideally I'll be able to move in June and get a job. Ideally.

I'm terrified about moving to CT. I don't know ANYONE there. Nobody. It's one thing to not know anyone when you're at college orientation when you're 18...but I'm 22, I haven't had the need to really make new friends from nothing in 4 years. Everyone's telling me I'll be fine and I think they assume that the people in my classes will be my BFFs. Probably not. I'm nervous.

Despite this crazy case of senioritis, I should probably write the paper I have due on Tuesday.

xo Stace

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ma cousine!

My [favorite] cousin Dana has just launched her new blog. It's a dedication and letters to her late mother, my Aunt Patty, sharing everything she wants to tell her. Aunt Patty passed away in November 2007. She was by far my favorite aunt on my dad's side - she was always so much fun to visit, had the best things to talk about. You know when you have to visit your old Auntie Mildred with the blue hair, and your parents and her talk about boring things over stale coffee and completely ignore the kids? It was never like that. She always made me feel like a part of the conversation, always listened to me and responded. Not all of my extended family is like that.

Dana's blog is beautiful, but I warn you - grab a tissue. She takes contributions from others, too. My mom's on there. That one was so hard for me to read.

I miss my dad, my aunt, and my grandparents very much. Out of the entire family, they were the most loving. They still are. I know they're pulling for me/us each and every day.

Ending this sappy post. Her blog is linked on my sidebar, but here it is anyway: Deenuts Dana

Stace xo

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ca me nerve!

Let me first start this [rant] by saying that I love my best friend. She is person that understands me the most (even though there's things she doesn't get) and usually the first and only person I go to with problems.

But have you ever just spent TOO much time with someone, and you just can't bear to be with them another second? That happened today, just like a switch. I got so frustrated. Unfortunately, we were in the car, but only a minute away from being back, so we drove back in silence and went our separate ways. Shortly followed by a text, saying she didn't get why I'm mad. I'm not really mad, just frustrated.

Anyway, this rant is done. New topic.

I reallllllly want to get back into blogging, bad. I want readers and followers and the whole like. I want a theme though, because nobody [yet] cares about what I do on any given day. And some days, I don't have a whole lot to say. So I need a theme. I've mulled over a million different things, but everything seems done! Makeup testing blog, weight loss, recipe trying/tasting, book/movie/music reviews, etc. Everything I've thought of has been done and done well. I even thought of just doing a continuous letter to my dad, but my cousin just launched a blog similar to that - don't want to "copy" off of her, even though it wouldn't be totally similar, but I don't want anything weepy. Idk what to do. I was also thinking of a blog about blogs. I kind of started this blog by posting interesting things I found on the internet. I could continue that, however it seems a little dull. Googling blog ideas is almost redundant.

What about something about online dating? I think it would be weird to blog about building a relationship with someone....but I could try a different angle. Hmm, that's an idea.

I don't know - I'm going to mull it over some more.

xo Stace

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
My go-to answer for this is France (and it doesn't even matter WHERE in France, haha). I've spent the last 8 years (with many more to come) devoted to learning the language and culture. I want to live there and see it, breathe it, and DO it.

London works too. It's just a great place to be. =P

Monday, February 22, 2010

Je retourne!!

I wanna get back into the blogging game.

I just made a formspring. And kind of embarrassed myself on it already. Oh well. I was all freaking out at first, but you know what, life goes on and if someone doesn't like me, makes fun of me, or whatever - who cares?

Ask me something on formspring! The address is to ask questions/write comments that I can reply to, and you can also see previous questions. It's fun!

I'll work more on some blogging later, I'm currently at work in the tutoring center.

xo Stace