Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Une Note Parfaite!

I had to complete and present an online portfolio for my Publicity Methods class tonight. I did start the basics ahead of time and comepleted it this morning. The blog had to have all of our class assignments featured on it (as sample works that we have done, things like press releases, event itineraries, etc.). I also added my resume, some examples of my French work, feature stories, and other things on there.

I got a 75/75 on it! Woo! The only thing I was marked down for was a lack of professional color, but in the instructions she said to have the blog reflect our personalities, and I love pink and I'm a pretty bubbly happy person, so I thought the color reflected me. No worries though, I had enough extras on my blog that I still got a perfect grade. :).

Here's the link: Stacey's Online Portfolio.

Share it with people who are hiring!!!!! :)

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