Sunday, December 20, 2009

Je vais en France!!

Hey everyone. Long time no blog. Sorry.

So, here's what's going on in my life:

I had a hell-ish semester. Psycho roommate/ex-best friend(s), moving from dorm to dorm, etc. Happily, it's all over now. I leave for home (winter break) tomorrow. A little more Christmas shopping (just my mom left!), a few check-up appointments (doctors, hair, etc.), dogsitting, and most importantly, PREPARING FOR EUROPE!! Woo.

You read right! I'm going to Europe. January 6-18 I'll be in Europe for the first time! I'm going to Nice, France and London, England. What whattt. It's a school trip and like 30 others are going, and two professors. I'm taking the trip for credit, so it'll be fun. We get to see tons of performances and stuff. We're seeing Belle au Bois Dormant in Nice, holy crap! Close friends, like [roomie] Sarah, Cassie, and Kimyata are going. I know some others, too. But we're totally stoked. Ahh! And, btw, I think I'm going to meet up with actor Chris Rithin (see my earlier post on my feature article based on an interview I had with him)!!

I bought luggage today. Or, my mom did. But it's mine and it's pretty and perfectlyyyy sized. -Interuption- Some guy is totally whistling Deck the Halls in the hallway of my dorm. Just sayin'. -Back to Europe talk- So, I'm basically all packed clothes-wise, but I still gotta get my toiletries together and junk. But it shouldn't be too bad.

So, the point of this blog post wasn't to bore you about cute luggage, but to tell you to watch up for some blog updates and tonssss of pictures that I will post in some down-time (if there is any!) on the trip. And post-trip, you will DEF have tons of extras.

I'm considering even creating a travel blog. But I haven't decided. Sarah and I are considering doing a Vlog of it. Look out for it. :). I'll keep you posted. Hah, no pun intended.

So, I'm going to finish getting my stuff together. Love ya!

Stace xo

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