Sunday, August 23, 2009


Yay, so I finally got to bake.

I'm home for school (for only a week. I go back on Aug 31st!) and when I got home, I headed straight to Mom's bf's house, where his 9-year-old and I baked it upp. I wanted originally to do Bakerella's Cupcake Pops, but I forgot my cookie cutter, so we did the Cake Balls instead. Since Marty's (my mom's bf) family looooves chocolate, I didn't do red velvet. We did: Dark Chocolate Fudge.

I actually don't like dark chocolate, but whatever. I just really wanted to bake and try this recipe. So, I got my supplies. Cake mix, icing, melting candy (in chocolate and pink-colored vanilla), and a 9 yr old. That's really it.

It's a pretty simple process, you bake the cake mix like normal, and when its cooled, you crumble the cake into a bowl and you mix the can of icing (a little less though, because it gets very moist very fast) in with the cake crumbs, to make a dough-like consistency. Then, you roll it into balls...

and place them on a tray to cool them (disregard the way my hair looks, please.)

Then, you proceed to go out to dinner with the people who are waitin
g for this dessert while the balls chill in the fridge. When you get back, full and lazy, you gotta force yourself back into the kitchen to start melting the candy. After you get the candy melted, you dip and twirl the balls (using a spoon is very helpful by the way) in the runny and warm stuff. You make sure it's covered

and place it in pretty wrappers. I guess these aren't necessary because people just rip them off and throw them out, but they make it a little prettier and a little less messy. Then, you put them back in the fridge for a bit so they can harden,

and you also may get forced to watch Race to Witch Mountain with said 9 year old, even though you've begged to watch Hannah Montana. Can you believe that there exists a 9 year old girl in 2009 who absolutely HATES Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus? My gosh.

So after that movie, you take them out of the fridge and sink your teeth into them. And proceed to eat like, a billion of them. They are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. I know that was an obnoxious so, but they were delish!! Thanks Bakerella!

So, I plan on making these again next week-ish. I bought some red velvet cake mix and devils food cake mix for some more batches. I need to make one set for a special occasion and another batch to bring back to school. Steffy NEEDS to try these.

I feel like there should be something else to this blog post, but I'm not sure what it needs to finish it off.

Well, isn't whipped cream like, perfect thing to add to a sweet thing? Here you go.

Stace xo

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