Friday, July 24, 2009

La Culture Pop et Harry

So, here's a really interesting article I've found via Twitter. It's from the NY Times. Since I'm still on HP kick (and currently watching Goblet of Fire, I might add) I feel it's fitting to kick start my blog's first content post.

Harry Potter is their Peter Pan

So, before reading the article, you see a picture of some college kids playing quidditch. 1. They are students at Middlebury College in VT. A foreign language school, I've been dying to go there since high school. My high school French teacher went there, and ever since she's told me about their program and I've researched it, I feel like I NEED to go there. I plan to apply there for Grad School as one of my top choices. But that's another story for another time, I suppose. Back to the quidditch, my roommate (Sarah) had told me that some colleges, like Notre Dame, had actual quidditch teams that were intermural and trying to become official NCAA sports! I found this hysterical, yet fun. I'd love to see/play in a qudditch game!

But anyway, to the actual content of the article, I see their side of the argument, of Harry Potter being Generation Y's (I'm in this generation, too) pop culture icon, like how Peter Pan was for another. Um, I didn't know Peter Pan was a pop culture icon to represent a generation, but OK.
I don't think Harry would be either. I mean, yeah, it's a phenominon that just about every kid, when it came out, read or at least knew about. And for the bibliophobes, the movies followed soon after. But, I feel there are just as much people who can't stand HP and this causing a ton of closet fans that wouldn't make this Generation Y's icon in the least. I can't really come up with one. I feel like it might be closer to being Tommy Pickles than it would be Harry Potter.

As much as I love Potter, I don't think he'd be the winning candidate (although maybe in the race?) of being our generation's pop culture icon. What do you think? Feel free to comment your thoughts.

Mon jour:
  • I did some quick shopping with roomie Sarah at Michael's. Made some things for Lindsey's birthday gift, and started a HP project - making the Dark mark on a cross stitch. I'll post a pic of it when I'm done.
  • I took a test in my Human Resource Management class today. It was terrible, but I didn't really take the time to prepare and study like I should have, so I'm not sure how well I did.
  • Roomie Sarah went home for the weekend, til Monday afternoon. :(. By myself, watching some DVDs, tweeting, maybe I'll write a little.
Alright, will post soon again!

Stace xo

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