Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Premier Message

So, this is my first post.

I made a Blogger because I used to use DeadJournal, wayy back in the day, and we constantly talk about blogging and Web2.0 skills in various classes.. and I do miss blogging. So I made one.

I've decided to put all of my blog title's in French.. I feel like it adds a little flair to my blog and keeps an important aspect of my life in it.

I'm sitting in my summer dorm, avoiding doing something productive, like re-doing my notes from class, or getting to bed at a decent hour. I could be reading the novel I'm 3/4 through (but in all honesty, it's gotten boring. The only reason why I want to finish it is because I don't like leaving books unfinished.), or something or other.

Summer classes, this semester, are shaping up really well. I really like my Event Planning class. We started right off the bat with information that is useful.. and the professor, who is great, showed us the information is actually used in the real world. How? Via a company's blogger! I thought it was pretty cool. I'm really liking the whole event planning thing.. it could be where I lead my up-in-the-air career.

My other class is News Writing, which sounds easy and boring.. but again, a professor can make or break the class. My prof is really, really funny, in the way that would be truly annoying to some but constantly hysterical to others. Guess which group I fall into? Yep. lol. Four 3-hour classes per week though, it's kind of rough. I wish I had a longer break, 4 days is NOT enough.

Friday, I'm going to see Russ in the morning/afternoon, and then hopefully I'll run home and drop the junk out of my car, grab a few things I left home (my AP-Style handbook, my new box of contacts, and a stapler, etc.), maybe visit Nanny at the home, and at night, Jenn and I are going to go to Applebees for drinks (she turned 21 today!) and then early Saturday, I'm helping Ray and Erica move into their new house, sooooo stoked about that. After, I'll head back to school Sat. evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend/do homework. Sounds fun? Eh, better than doing nothing, and on Sunday I can be pretty lazy I think.

I went to the gym yesterday, it went pretty well. I should be going more like everyday. I think I will go more when I get into my daily habits/rituals. Even if I don't see the best results, I feel a little more accomplished after I go. Hey, it's better than nothing.

Ok, well, I'm going to explore blogger some more now, maybe subscribe to some blogs. Suggestions welcome!

Stace xo

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