Saturday, May 23, 2009

J'aime le chien de mon frère, Bella!


I'm at home, after a long-ish day.

I woke up a little before 2pm.. PM! Jenn and I decided to try good ol' JD last night. We didn't get more than tipsy.. we kind of got distracted by facebook, lol.

My mom called me the instant I woke up and told me that Evan was coming home today with Bella, his dog.

I looove Bella, she's my pride-and-joy away from home. I never had a dog as a kid (not a day went by that I didn't beg for one, though) and Ev got her about two years ago-ish (I think). She's a pitbull boxer mix, she's gorgeous, funny, curious, energetic, and very, very sweet. She makes me so happy. She loooves to cuddle lol. I rarely get to see her, so when I do, she's the center of my attention.

So, my mom calls me and tells me I need to come home ASAP to dog-proof the house as much as possible. I was coming home anyway to hang out with Stef, we had a date with Taco Bell and Maggie Moos. So, I can home, unloaded my car some, kinda did some dog-proofing, and by then, Stef came. We went to Taco Bell, drove around Toms River. We stopped at the Avenue, I got a pair of skinny jeans and a cute-cut white Tee. Excited about that :).

While in the fitting room, at like 6:45, Ray calls me and tells me he's OFFICIALLY engaged to Erica! I'm so so so so so excited, I almost have a sister(-in-law)! I can't wait. I'm taking event planning at the perfect time!

So after a bit, Stef and I go to Maggie Moos (GREAT ice cream) and then to Barnes and Noble to kill time. Stef has work at 8am, so she had to head home. At 9:45, I had to meet Ev at his friends house to pick up Bella.

I've been home since, I walked outside with Bella a few times and made sure she ate (she did - she's so skinny because she never eats!). I'm going to take her to Petsmart and Petco tomorrow and to the dog park, too.

I'm not going to Ray's tomorrow to help move because I have to dog sit. I'd bring her, but she'd kinda get in the way. I'll go Sunday or Monday to help/see the house.

I'm kind of tired, I think I'm going to do some quick Google searches and head to bed.

Stace xo

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