Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bella est partie =[


I'm sitting in my mom's room, she's falling asleep. I'm bored. =[

Today was super boring. I just lazed around the house with Bella, didn't do much of anything.

Around dinner time, my mom got home and Evan came after. We kind of just hung out, ate dinner, did whatever. Evan went back to his friends for the night, but he's driving back to Pittsburgh tomorrow morning, so he took Bella with him and some stuff, including my air conditioner and my microwave lol. I found my high school class ring, I'm sooo excited about it. I was looking for it everywhere.

I tried sending a picture of Bella all weekend to Blogger from my cell, but it won't work. :(. I'll add it on here at the end.

And my glasses just broke. ugh. =[

I wanted to go back to school tonight, but it started to rain really hard so I'm staying again tonight..but first thing in the morning is Rider.

What else? Nothing went on today, and I'm still bored, lol.

Okay, here's Bella!! She's a pitbull/boxer mix, she's such a good dog, so sweet and curious! Almost 2 1/2 years old! I had such a good weekend with her, I miss her already!

Good night!
Stace xo

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